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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by baimmeb, Oct 18, 2018.

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    Finally, we got the landing letter today...

    What a relief :)
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  2. Im a Quebec inland applicant from Aug2018 .

    already passed 12 months, no news no updates after pre arrival.
  3. After many reschedulings, we officially landed today in Vancouver!! :D
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    Had landing interview today and everything went well thank god

    Thank you all for your help and support and good luck to everyone still waiting to get his/her PR
  5. Eligibility started today so how long will it take to get DM or AIP?
  6. Mine was the same day
  7. What about fairness letter? Does it come after eligibility review or before they start eligibility? I'm still little bit scared...
  8. Did they ask you for additional information?
  9. Yes they asked proof of cohabitation and relationship and i sent whatever we got and they replied with email saying this :

    Good day Mr./ Mrs. Xxxxx

    This message is in regards to your current family sponsorship application. Thank you for your submissions regarding proof of your relationship.

    We believe there is sufficient evidence to support your relationship.

    Please refrain from providing additional proof/documents unless we request it in the future.
  10. I don’t know when they send PFL, but I believe you should be fine if you get the AIP, which I think will be soon since your eligibility started. As I said, mine came at the same day, but I see people getting it within one week. Good luck for you! I hope you get good news soon!
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  11. The agent on the phone said sponsor approved and i won't get any email from them its just online ecas. My gckey says eligibility started but agent told me my eligibility is not started. I'm very confused here.
  12. Well, my sponsor got the sponsor approval on his email. But yeah there are some people that dont receive it. AIP will come in your gckey, but you will get an email telling you to check it there.
  13. Oh okay good to know that thank you.
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  14. would you please update us for your processing time
  15. Would you please update for timeline?

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