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October 11th 2017 - Citizenship Applicants under 3/5 rule

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by HamiltonApplicant, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. Just because this system is better than other country which is much worse, doesn't mean that this cannot be improved. And I think that as a part of this democratic country, everyone has right to voice their opinion..which is not same as ranting...that's called freedom of speech...not sure if you are from a place which doesn't have this right....Also this forum is for people to voice their opinion and to help each other out who are waiting for their applications without knowing what's happening...so don't take my opinion otherwise..you can check my other posts where I've been positive and telling fellow members to be positive and patient about application...also as someone posted here..to improve the system, you have to be part of the system...cheers... :)
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  2. FYI, I tried America. Got my oath in 6 months and I was able to apply 6 months in advance before I was eligible. Their service and system are far superior in my personal opinion.

    I refuse to let someone's laziness or in competitiveness affect my future.
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  3. So you are an American now? And apply to be dual? Wow
  4. How can you be eligible before you're eligible? Please explain, will be useful for others I know in the states.
  5. Long story but due to tax implications I didn't go ahead with it. All my family members are Americans.

    I hold an Indian passport currently.
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  6. Call them.
    May I ask if on your ecas it still shows the first test invite “we sent you a notice on August XX, 2018 to appear and write the citizenship test...” before the second test invite line?
    After you rescheduled, did they respond? How long did it take them to reply to your reschedule request?
    Thank you.
  7. Hi, yes, it still shows "we sent you a notice on August 2 to appear on August 29". I never got a response to my request. I just saw the new date in the system. I'm assuming is to Ottawa as I haven't got the actual letter yet.
  8. I am still IN PROCESS!!!
  9. May I ask , When did you apply and when did you pass the citizenship test.
  11. I am still in process after 13 month . I think they are busy now.
  12. maybe but lots of people also got their citizneship. it is just unfair!
  13. Did you call them? Any reply to the web form inquiry?
  14. I send the web form 2 weeks ago but they didn't responce. I am gonna call them Monday.

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