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October 11th 2017 - Citizenship Applicants under 3/5 rule

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by HamiltonApplicant, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. At the behest of @MarceauBletard I am creating a new thread for the Oct 2017 Citizenship Applicants under 3/5 rule!
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  3. Yes I am applying from Calgary
  4. If you are absolutely absolutely absolutely sure that you have 1460 days physical presence in Canada, Applying on the 9th Oct would not harm!
    My friendly advice: Wait for two days and get 367 extra days of residence for peace of mind! Apply on 11th Oct even if it means more paper work!
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  6. @westzhu Yes 10/11 its!
    Log your info here if you send your application on or after that!
  7. Planning to send the application on Oct 12. Will come back here to share the timeline.
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  8. Do share the info here, will help us to build a good database
  9. Will do!
  10. @sistemc

    Both Oct 11 and 12 are equally valid.
    Most important thing is: The date of signature should be one and the same in both the application form and physical presence calculation!
  11. May I ask how you're sure that Oct 11 is valid ? Seems like a grey area.
  12. If 3/5 rule is available in online physical presence calculator on the 11th Oct, you can put as date of signature...
  13. I will send my application on Oct 11 as soon as the new application forms and calculator are updated. Total days as of Oct 10 will be 1189 (1190 if we count Oct 11). I will be applying from Toronto

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