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November 2018 AOR - Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Photos I submitted were close to 8 months. U can right name and dob with pen, but studio stamp may be required. VFS does HV consent form to be downloaded online, if not they will provide one in the office, no worries. Don't worry about the photos. Show them to the officials working there. If there's a problem they'll let you know and You can avail their studio service.
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  2. Just came back to this forum after a few weeks of not checking it, to see if @SithLord has got PPR. As for me I have given up and moved on. Will let PPR come to me rather than live on my knees.
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    Ugh, CIC really loves to screw people..

    They approved my work permit with one week left for my landing interview despite my request to delay it by a week. By the time it comes in the mail, it's a useless junk of paper, which cost me $275.
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  4. Submitted passports a month ago on May 31 after PPR. Return tracker started today, ll get my passports in 2 more days. I am currently in US. Started giving Canadian interviews. I am about to get an offer, if I take it, I may have to move to Mississauga. Just want to know what ll be a good place to start to know more about the Canadian move so that there are no surprises in the end. Thanks.
  5. What is up ? Is there anything wrong with your application?
  6. How can we contact irrc or visa office from India?
  7. I really dont know. IRCC is giving the hard luck to almost everyone.
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  8. Wasnt there no PPR this Tuesday?
  9. Yes, mostly for Dec and Jan folks!!
  10. oh god! But the draw is 26th right? So can we expect some PPRs again?
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  12. So basically, according to immitracker, they have cleared 77 percent of November applications... For September and October it is around 85% ... August is at 95% ... Expect 2-3 months of wait from this date.... And we cannot do anything about it as we have passed 6 months and we are no longer the priority....
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  13. That's really sad. I hope they clear the backlogs first...:rolleyes: #wishfulthinking
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  14. If we see June 2018 trend lots of remaining files (more than 10 percent of them) were cleared between day 220 to 250 ... Security screening ones only crossed 300 days ...
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