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November 2018 AOR - Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. I am in depression now, It has been 7 months, 6 month passed in hope, but this last one went on worrying, overthinking, nightmares etc etc

    25 sept, AOR, nothing after medical passed in December.

    waiting for GCMS notes,

    In my view, my case is quite simple, single applicant, no travel history, single employer, nothing complex.

    I can not concentrate on anything, anything means anything, just name it, I can not even watch a 20 minute TV show without stopping it in-between, some of you know, I used to check essays in one of my thread, now, I can't even help others, it's crushing.

    got nothing beside negativity :(
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  2. I can understand
    Same is happening with me!
    Can't do anything
    Waiting waiting waiting
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  3. Der is no point stressing urself......
    Many are waiting a reply from ircc......
    Just make peace with it...... Its more than 220 days for me since aor, so I know the thought itself is depressing......
    But just move on with better things in ur life...... Is ppr has to come, it will come......

    Stay happy and healthy :)
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  4. Der is no point stressing urself......
    Many are waiting For a reply from ircc......
    Just make peace with it...... Its more than 220 days for me since aor, so I know the thought itself is depressing......
    But just move on with better things in ur life...... If ppr has to come, it will come......

    Stay happy and healthy :)
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  5. I crossed 217 today
    Its really painful
    Can't plan anything
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  6. Relax people ... Aor Nov 21 with a review required on eligibility ... Had made peace with it from many days ... I am happy and enjoying my life ... If I can do it, so can you .... Your panic attacks will not get you PPR early, infact you guys will deteriorate you mental health... I am reading from many days and people are posting about getting depressed because of it... Be strong and take this wait on your chest like a warrior ...
  7. A professor at my university used to say that such things come from inside: you could have a happy guy who becomes quadriplegic and he would be again happy within a year; another miserable guy who wins a lottery who becomes miserable again in a year.

    The moral of the story is maybe you should focus on what's making you depressed. Otherwise, you might get into depression again after a year or two of getting the permanent residence. Canada is a cold and a little harsh place, one needs a lot of patience.

    Sorry, I didn't mean to be condescending, just my opinion on such matters recently.
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  8. If you eligiblity is met and you don't see a Review comment in the notes by case processing agent, you need not send it.
    Buy if you want to know if you can send it or not, yes you can send it.
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  9. I'm on same boat too guys. Completing 8 months next week :)

    There is nothing really we can do. So I know how it feels. It just sucks to be in this position and honestly it doesn't really get any better and it just gets even worse with each passing day. I have made up my mind that I'm not getting PPR anytime soon and made peace with it :)

    It will come when it comes. This journey has been a great learning experience :)
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  10. Hi Guys,

    Wanted to get your opinions on this:

    I am a single applicant, Nov 8th AOR, currently in the US.

    Didn't hear anything back from CIC after MEP (Jan 4th). Then last week got a request to submit my fingerprints, nearly 7 months after AOR.

    I am going to get that done this week since you need to get an appointment now instead of just walking in.

    Anyone else in a similar situation? Does this mean that some progress has been made on my application or is it another delay tactic?

    Thank you.
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    Just by mere curiosity, I have just counted how many days have passed since my AOR (I was counting each day until I arrived at the 200-days mark, after that I just stop being super conscious about this figure): It turns out It’s been 234 days from my AOR.

    I guess that I can sum up what happened from day 180 to day 234 as what many on this thread have described: a lot of disappointment, anxiety, depression; some days I manage to forget about Canada at all as I continue with my current life, some other days it isn’t that easy. I´ve read a lot of recommendations about “stop being anxious”, as if it were as easy as pressing a button. I guess that we are all trying our best to control our minds, but sometimes it just isn’t so simple, and I think we shouldn’t feel bad about this; this is indeed a tough situation.

    I just want to finish this post with a positive thought:

    It seems rejections are quite rare: on MyImmitracker there are only 164 rejections out of 12,547 active cases. Furthermore, only 11 out of those 164 rejections happened after the 6-month period; that’s only .08% of all the cases.

    And I know that MyImmitracker isn’t a super precise source since it’s the users who update the information, but on the other hand, it’s the only data we have and the proportion of rejection showed at this stage is minuscule, so chances are that most of us will get the PR eventually.
  12. 222 days here and counting!!! I totally feel you guys... I am so freaking frustrated with this situation. It's sooooo hard to not think about it and move on! What truly gives me hope though is to see all these people who were told security and even criminality hadn't even started days before they got PPR. I am just hoping my application is somewhere in there too, being worked on, and the officer is simply not updating anything. It's truly embarrassing how the IRCC doesn't care enough to at least update what they are working on, especially after the 6 months are over.
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  13. I think everyone is required to submit biometrics now. Those who weren't previously exempt, like myself, were requested to do it soon after we passed our medicals. It didn't indicate that PPR was coming soon however since that was almost 6 months ago for me. Perhaps since it's so late in the process for you however it might be good news. Good luck
  14. I see RR for this particular employer however overall eligibility is met coz without this employement as well it makes 6+ years of exp..
  15. You may have entered your UCI number in place of your application number. Or, you missed out on a number or some

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