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November 2018 AOR - Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. 214 days! :eek::eek::eek:

    I just wish they clear ALL the backlogs first before continuously making draws!
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  2. 222 days! only MEP done in Dec 2018.
    When is the next draw? This tuesday?
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  3. It seemed like they're drawing every two weeks. The last one was on June 12th, so maybe there's another one on the 26th.. :confused:
  4. how to know the VO ??other than calling them??
  5. Raise a CSE. That's how I got to know mine.
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  6. Hi, Sorry for the late reply. My score was 473.
  7. Hi, Sorry for the late reply.
    My current job title is freelance software engineer. Prior job titles were, software development engineer and software engineer.
    No Canadian experience.
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  8. Hi Mona
    Also got same reply . What's your progress, am in IP2 since May 15
  9. Thank you and congratulations to you!
    We have the same AOR and VO.
    Hoping for the best! :)
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  10. Thanks a lot.
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  11. Congrats
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  12. It's starting to get more depressing with every week
  13. I know!:( But I'm still hopeful. Just want to express my frustration here. Any idea why they can't just clear the backlogs first before sending out ITAs every 2 weeks? TBH, we're almost there but it's the looooong wait that is making most of us feel depressed and frustrated. It makes you doubt your application at some point.

    You were right @SithLord , it's SNAIL ENTRY! It's not express entry anymore.:oops:
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  14. Isn’t there a way by which I can get my money invested in this back,they are not even touching our files and this is getting sick day by day..I was way happier living here before this happened now even if I don’t try there’s still a moment in a day when I think of this thing and get upset.This isn’t right.What do they want to check actually they are not even sending any additional document required update neither are they updating us to IP2..though the only good thing agent said last week was eligibility met..but this too after 7 months?really!!
    I don’t think this wait is worth
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  15. Don't loose hope now as eligibility is met.
    U should have ordered notes by now to know the real picture. But now it's a matter of time only . I am waiting in IP2 since 15 may . Now hope I will get to hear from them when medical will expire in October.
    And remember u were the one who was always positive and hopeful here so let's just give them their sweet time . Even I am preparing myself for the worst as it won't be the end of everything.

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