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November 2018 AOR - Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. It was 465.
  2. I've ordered GCMS notes a month ago but today getGCMS team sent me a message that my notes are delayed. Does anyone know a reason why it could be ?
  3. Still no reply after a month.
    My AOR is Nov 12. I contacted them last month and they gave me this reply :
    ''We verified the information you provided regarding the status of your application and have forwarded it to the responsible office''
    Should I get GCMS notes ?
    The odd thing is that since I created my profile,there's never been a single update in it except for the medical exam.
  4. Der is delay in processing the files for many ......
    And now the notes are also delayed......

    Just wondering what quality of work is ircc heading towards.......
  5. It’s been almost two months since I ordered the notes. I can’t understand why ircc doesn’t release them
  6. There's no reason in whatever IRCC does. GetGCMS will tell you that it happens sometimes when application is in the last stages of processing. But, I have seen cases where one set was delayed but when another set was ordered it arrived on time and had nothing to do with application processing.

    My best guess is sometimes these request get lost somewhere in the processing chain. So wait for a week more and then order another set.
  7. Hello, did you get a procedural fairness letter requesting for more proof of employment? My employer is a small company with no website. I sent in the company’s registration and tax information. I also provided cash slips.
  9. I can't see the additional documents I uploaded post ADR in my profile. They were visible earlier.
    Is this normal? Or should I call CIC?
  10. True
  11. Yes, you will only see the statement that we have received the additional documents and are under review.
  12. I am still getting this message,

    Review of additional documentsHelp - Review of additional documents
    • We need additional documents to continue processing your application. We will send you a message with more details.
  13. Hi everyone,
    I received AOR on November 28th
    MEP Jan 7

    Currently, I am in IP2. I called IRCC and the agent told me that eligibility ia met, criminality passed and now the security check is under process.

    However, when I check my profile it's written under eligibility that we are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements.

    So Is it possible that the eligibility ia met and they didn't update my profile??

    Another question, any idea how long does it take to pass the security check??
  14. Get gcms notes. I waited because I thought it was ok then got gcms notes as padvised on this forum and found out what the delay was and proactively submitted docs that I did not think they needed initially.
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  15. They are lazy. I submitted two work experiences (although one would have been enough to meet the cutoff). The case processing agent made note of only the first work experience. Most likely saw that I had enough points with one work experience and didn't bother to look at the second one.

    I guess the same thing happened with you & I think you don't need to worry about any market fluctuations as visa officer is not going to recalculate your POF, he will just look at the figure noted down by case processing agent.
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