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November 2018 AOR - Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. When did ur bg checks started
  2. 24th May
  3. I didn't checked that Background date effectively as i wasn't aware; however since 8 May 2019 i am tracking and its all the same.
  4. Congratulations, can you please give me the number to call them from outside canada
  5. I called CIC multiple times and until I hit 6 months, the reply was that eligibility wasn't started. At the 6 months mark, I called and got a reply that my eligibility is under RR. Called again at the 7 months mark and was told the same.

    Review Required. This happens if a case processing agent marks some of your documents for review by a higher officer
  6. I submitted reference letter+ payslips+ tax assesment + bank statements intially but they again asked for same documents. It depends on case basis. You will be alright as reference letter is only basic requiremebt so far by IRCC. They will ask you adittional documents if required.
    Good luck.
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  7. What's your AOR??? If its already more than 4 months, I highly recommend you to order notes as it will give you proper overview of your application if incase anything is review required by case officer
  8. I see a LOT of RR cases lately, it seems that a lot of applications are marked as RR in order to win some more time due to the enormous backlog...
    something is weird here...
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  9. 0016139444000
  10. Thank you
  11. If you sent all required docs, it should be fine. It is really rare that I come across someone getting rejection after 6 months post ITA. So, if you know you have sent all required docs everything should be fine for you. No idea for when you may have an answer, depends on your particular case (Visa officer, Country of origin: Security Screening, Countries visites, etc....). Finger crossed. Wait and see.
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    So I just got off a phone call with a very sweet lady from IRCC. She said that Eligibility - MET and the only thing that they're working on right now is the background check (which in my profile has not yet started). She asked if I was asked anything, NO ADR for me but the last one was the RPRF payment in January. She then said that she can understand why I'm anxious haha and assured me that my file was not forgotten. I then asked her if she could send a reminder to update my file which she happily did for me. Hope this will help and remind the officers to pick up my file!:D #hopeful
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  13. GCMS Buddy
  14. 0016139444000
  15. So my profile was updated today after they issued my CoPR and it’s finally approved. They added dates to the account which I believe can’t really accurate. According to the updates:

    Eligibility: December 12 2018 you’re eligibility has been reviewed. (I called so many times in March and April - I got told it wasn’t started - it was also showing not started in 2 GCMS notes)
    Background check: December 13, 2018 your background check was completed. (That was one day after I’d given my biometrics. Again everytime I called in April and May my Security had not even started - same was updated in the notes as well)

    No idea how they selected the dates :D:D
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