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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by toffboss, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. Hi Everyone! I realized that my hubby changed his cp number recently. Yung SA ba, before that someone will contact you from CIC? Or they will just approve based on the given documents and credentials of my husband(sponsor).
    He’s trying to contact cx service to change his cp number pero may tech problem daw and can’t be connected.
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    PPR - July 15, 2019.. FINALLY!!!! :)

    Actually we supposedly received the PPR June 28. But I accidentally deleted the email. (i know, its Stupid). So i emailed the manila VO and ask them to send the PPR again, and they did, 2 weeks after. Thank God.
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  3. Wooooow Congrats!
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  4. Congratulations
  5. Anyone here who sent an email to mvo to inquire? 7 days from now it will be 2 months since they started processing our paper, and until now no updates. I was thinking of sending an email to inquire.

    I could use some thoughts.

    Thanks in advance.
  6. They will not give you an update unless your application is more than 12 months. PA done with biometrics yet? Cause in our case a month after our file was transferred, we received the Biometrics request. After the Biometrics is DM, Pre-arrival then PPR.
  7. PA’s biometric and medical was done before file transfer. 3 days after file transfer medical updated to “passed”. On ecas update “started processing application may 27”
  8. Our file was transferred to mvo May 23
  9. My application was xfer to mvo 25th of June . Recieved an update to submit Nbi. Because my Nbi was expired. Will get nbi this week. And will email it to them. Or my husband will update our application. Ps. DONE BIOMETRIC AND Medical
  10. Hi guys,I noticed that they have updated our ecas, saying "we started processing your application on july 12, 2019". Is that the BGC?
  11. Hi Kabayans,

    since i got the decision made and PPR im preparing for the landing of my 2 kids ages 9 and 11. i was wondering if there are any requirements from philippines to bring my kids here in canada as the other parent are not coming (my X wife). Do i have to bring some sort of documents to present to the port of exit and entry and do they need PDOS, DSWD etc....
    Thank you in advance
  12. That’s AOR2 if it was transferred to local visa office
  13. Best of luck! October 2018 applicant here, ours was moved to mvo by jan but last update was feb for pre-arrival.

    Still hoping for ppr to arrive soon...
  14. Appreciate advise. My AOR was Feb 2018 and at that time biometrics not required. I finally received PPR today.
    1) I read PPR email and GCKEY and ECAS thoroughly and no indications that I need to submit biometrics. Did anyone with similar AOR date here end up being requested for biometrics?
    2) If I was not explicitly asked for biometrics, does it mean I can just walk-in VFS Manila (no scheduling of appointment required)?
    3) Can my husband submit all of our passports to VFS if the principal applicant (myself) and daughter is unavailable to tag along?
  15. Thank you!

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