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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by toffboss, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. Congrats po! Did you link your file at GCKey? Question lang, nabago na ba yung BGC mo from processing to completed? If so, when po? Thank you!

  2. around march pa ng start BGC till now wala pa.
  3. Good stuff..... thx for clearing things up. That is good news that the 2019 applicants are going faster;) Maybe Trudeau wants us there before the elections;) It's good to know that you did not have issues with your dependent, I've read stories about the biological Father making it difficult to bring the child over to Canada, looks like things went smoothly for you. Enjoy the PH's for the month or so;) I have been here 4 years and can't wait to go back home. Have you arranged any schools for your dependent?
  4. No, for the school we are looking into it right now.

    Apparently we received PPR on july 9th too! Same day as DM and pre arrival.

    We checked spam filter a lot, but not as often. And googling a bit I saw a lot of people receive it in their spam filter.
    Plus I was expecting a message in the gckey, but no. The ppr is just an email, no gckey update. And aparently get into the spam filter often.
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  5. @StephanH we both have the same timeline right? I get anxious sometimes by waiting. I hope we get good news soon. Can you update this thread once you have a news with your file?
  6. I don't know your timeline;) Could you post it?
  7. Just saying Hi to everyone in this forum! I’m a newbie here and I’m the PA being sponsored by my husband (PR).
    We received AOR last June 28 but haven’t heard anything afterwards. I checked the tracker, nahingan agad biometrics iba and some have SA na after few days of AOR. Kami wala pa. :( hope no issues.
  8. Oops my bad. I posted it on April Outland section but here it is again:

    PA : Philippines
    Application Received : April 11, 2019
    AOR : May 25, 2019
    Biometrics Request : May 29, 2019
    Medical Request : May 30, 2019
    Transfer to CPC Missassauga : June 5, 2019
    Bio Given : June 19
    Medical Given : June 20
    Medical Passed : June 29 (GCKEY update)
    Transfer to Manila : July 09 (Through Email)
    BGC : In progress
    DM : Awaiting
    PPR : Awaiting
  9. Every file has it own timeline, some take time, some do not. Chill lang,
    I do get anxious by waiting as well. Pero let's trust His timings lang, and pray lang. It will come rin.
  10. Hi here is my timeline:
    Aor1: March 25
    Bio: April 16
    Sponsor dm: May 17
    Medical: May 22
    Transfer from sydney to Ms. May 24
    From Ms to Mvo: June 11
    Started processing sa manila is: June 20
    Wala pang news ulit patiently waiting pa d ko din ma link ung gckey ko kaya sa ecas lng ung update ko hanggang ngayon In process pa din sya ok lng atleast my hinihintay na
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  11. Thanks @jgill123 yep, agree naman. And thankful din ako at nakita ko tong forum na to. I’ve got ideas na din about the process and timeline.
  12. How many days po from the time you submitted the application until you received AOR? TIA
  13. Hi,

    Ask ko lang kung meron kn ntnggap AOR?
  14. True rin for me, I've learned a lot by reading the forums. My husband always tell me not to check our files frequently kasi he knows I get stressed easily. Haha :D That's what I do , then magugulat na lang ako, mag message siya na may request na for this and that.
  15. PA’s passport received with COPR. Hope everyone gets their ppr soon.
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