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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by toffboss, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. Congrats
  2. We didnt. Did you get it already?
  3. Congrats po! How long did it take for the passport to come back after sending it?
  4. 5 days. Drop off and pick up sa vfs manila na. Then diretso pdos the next day.
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  5. Hi po.

    Ask ko lng po kung Spousal or conjugal application nyo?

  6. Hi!

    Is anyone here whose application is under sponsorship of other members of family class?

    Would you mind sharing your timelines pls?

    Our application was received 03 March. SA 12 April. Biometrics done 17 April. Med passed 24 June. Addt’l docs sent 26 June. BGC in process
  7. Haha!! My husband told me that too lalo na nung nakita ko timeline nung other applicants. ngayon naman, we’re pissed at di kami makalink. Not sure what’s wrong. Geez!
    oh well hoping for the best!
  8. Sa GCkey ba?
    Eto technique nila, try mo to sis.

    "Application number
    Applicant last name
    Date of birth
    Don't enter place of birth
    Enter her passport information
    Number of applicant two
    Try married if it doesn't work then single.
    Lets us know if it doesn't work."
  9. My fiancee has an interview at the Manila VO next month. Any advice if its a good thing or bad? We are doing conjugal as she was previously married and can not get a divorce there. I ordered GCMS notes yesterday hoping to get them before the interview..

  10. I think he tried several combination na. Nagexceed na kami today though. Will try tomorrow. Thanks for this @jgill123 I’ll keep you posted.
  11. Hi,

    May I know your timeline po. Thanks in advance.
  12. Congrats.. wala p rin ung s hubby ko.. :(
  13. 3weeks po
  14. 30 dec 2018 application received
    Early February 2019 AOR
    mid February 2019 medical requested
    Early March 2019 medical completed
    Mid March 2019 biometrics completed
  15. Late June 2019 letter sent requesting interview for August 2019

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