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need help for applying re-entry visa

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Adhelsky, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kits/forms/IMM5484E.PDF
    (not among the documents that has to be attached with the app package)

    The MC is included in the application for WP.
  2. Thanks! Have a good weekend!
  3. have you received your TRV yet?
  4. I forgot to post it here. I received mine last February 9. . Twas fast!
  5. That would be March 9 right? :)

    It was indeed fast! I will be submitting my application docs later and would just like to benchmark the processing time. So even if it is published 30 days minimum processing time, looks like it is a safe 2 weeks.

    Will be visiting folks back in Manila after quite sometime, unfortunately, I need my passport in the least amount of time.

    Thanks, - will post my time here once I get mine.
  6. Oooopss! That was typo error. U're right, March 9.
    You're welcome and goodluck!☺☺.
    And thanks to those who helped me in my makulit questions.
  7. Hi I am going to apply for TRV trough visa office in seattle since i work under LCP in BC.
    I have some questions:
    - it's said in the doc checklist that visa office does not accept payment receipt from Canadian banks. Does item an I have to make a bank draft in one of the banks in the states?
    - in the form, there is a section about the country where you are applying, status, from (date ) to (date)? What do i have to fill in in this section?
    - do I need to fill in the additional family information and schedule 1? I'm single
    I really appreciate the help from those who has gone through the experience of submitting TRV application.
    Thank you.
  8. Hi DNA,
    - That means you need to provide Bank Draft from any bank in Canada(not the receipt of the bank draft). I got mine from TD.
    - status: Worker , From: date of issue of ur current WP TO : date of expiration if ur current WP
    - u need to fill up the Family Information. Write N/A to those not applied to u.
    U only need to include Schedule 1 if u answered YES to question 3-7 of Imm 5257 under Background Information
  9. Thank you, pinoy_ako for answering my questions. What should I fill in the the country where you are applying? Canada or USA?
    Another section asks the purpose of visit. Is it the purpose of coming back to Canada after visiting your home country?
  10. Hi Dna,
    Canada is the country where u're applying.
    For the purpose(the purpose of ur visit to canada): continue work as LIC
    Hope this will help. U're very welcome!
  11. @pinoy_ako - may I interject? :)

    Hi dna,

    If you check #9 Country where applying - check same as country of residence (since you are in BC now) - the form will lock out the fields for Country, Status, Other, From and To. This is if you have filled them out in #8. This means that the information in #8 will be used for #9 - for that infor just follow what pinoy_ako said in the reply.

    As for 'Details of Visit to Canada' #1(a) - purpose is 'Other' as you do not have any other good selections there in the form (only 3 choices - Business/Tourism/Other. Then #1(b) - put in your reason - as what pinoy_ako suggested.

    Hope this, in addition to the other advise here would helpful.
  12. Thank you very much, pinoy_ako for your respond. Have a good trip back home. :)
    And thanks, ragluf, for the additional information.
    The answers from both of you will surely be helpful.
  13. Does anybody include a letter from your employer when applying for TRV? What does my employer have to write in the letter? I'm working as a live-in caregiver.
  14. Yes, u need a letter from ur employer stating that u are currently working for them as LIC and that you will resume work after yOur holiday.

  15. If you're going for vacation very soon, apply in buffalo instead... Seattle office are having back logs on applications right now, it will take you more than 6 weeks to processed. My advice is apply in buffalo, it will take 2-3 weeks the most... Good luck :)

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