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Feb 7, 2020
Thanks so much for your reply. You can forward the email to okoliechidinma@yahoo.com.

I have a few questions too. Please at what point in this whole process did you apply for a job? Did you pay for both RN and RPN for NNAS? What other province did you chose during your application? Was wondering if I should go through express entry or provisional normination program?

Thanks for your time.
Please did you do any extra assessments or testing to get licensed or just a proof of ur BSN was all you needed?


Feb 7, 2020
Hi Dairmeey,
Whether to apply as either RN or LVN is a matter of qualification as they differ in scope of practice and renumeration. There seems to be some confusion about the RPN role here in the forums, and hopefully I can shed some light. RPN (Registered Psychiatric Nurse) in general is a registered nurse who has specific training in psych. RPN(Registered Practical Nurse) is equivalent to LVN and only used in Ontario. When you say RPN elsewhere in Canada, it is understood to be the Psych nurse. I applied and got licensed by BCCNP, and had IELTS waived as well. CNO also waived my IELTS requirement.

Did BCCNP require you to do extra assessments or schooling? How long did it take you to be licensed after Nnas? Thanks


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Feb 15, 2014
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I have received the below message from nnas after review of my education documents.

Thank you for using NNAS! Upon recent review of your file it was noted that COLLEGE OF NURSING did not submit a curriculum of your nursing education. Please note that a curriculum is a crucial requirement for your NNAS application, as that is what your educational assessment is based on. Please request COLLEGE OF NURSING to send detailed curriculum/syllabi directly to NNAS. Please have them include your Full Name and NNAS Applicant Number when they send your course description.

What do they mean by curriculum. is transcripts ok or do they need to send a brief write up on each subject. please advise.

Appreciate your reply friends. Thanks
Also what you could do is ask the college if you can give them the course outline and assignments to be attached to sent to Nnas