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Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by hm28, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. Passport was requested same time as Medical, PCC and Schedule A. Sent passport on September 26th. DM on October 19th. Got passport back on October 24th, 5 days after DM. When did you send in your Passport? have they made decision on your Application?
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  2. Yeah DM was on 1st of this month. Sent in passports on the 3rd. Am just curious how long it will take to get them back
  3. Congrats. You likely going to get the passport back this week or sometimes next week.
  4. Yeah I figured as much. Congrats to you too and all the best
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  5. Thank you BaNana82, We are finally together with my wife.
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  6. Excellent news. What side of Canada are you guys? Maybe you can message me in case you would rather not discuss it in an open forum
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  7. Indeed, it is an excellent news.. I don't mind telling you the part of the country we hail from. we hail from BC, living on the Vancouver Island
  8. Hey guys i am excited right now. today i am asked for medical and received a pre-arrival letter.
  9. Hi, did you receive PPR? applied in May 2017 and still waiting.
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  10. Oh congrats! By now your spouse must be in Canada with u.
  11. Hey there,
    I was the applicant and my wife sponsored me.
    I already landed in the fifth of feb. If you have any questions let me know and I am willing to help you in anyways I can.
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    Big congrats to you and your wife! And thanks for replying!
    Our application was transferred to Nairobi on Jan 30/18 and ecas showed ‘started processing’ on Feb 2nd. Since then no update. Schedule A uploaded and pcc was given upfront with the application. No medical request yet.. I was wondering how long it took to get medical request? Also how long it took from medical to prearrival letter and passport request. I thank you for your help in advance!
  13. hi guys Nov 2017 AOR, FSW-O but had to get two 60-day extensions for US PCC, finally got that done mid Feb, now the wait begins
  14. Hi,
    Patiently waiting here too.
  15. @Mtunguyas your e-APR AOR was 08/05/2017? have your ordered gcms notes?

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