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Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by hm28, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. Good news!
  2. send a webform or mail Nairobi.. nrobi-immigration@international.gc.ca
    am also in the same boat as you. and am still waiting.
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  3. I submitted my application since October 9th 2018. I am still waiting. I did anything and everything there is, I am now waiting for gcms which I submitted last week. We are at the pre arrival stages since July. No new updates since.
  4. Can anyone remember how much they paid for medical exam for PR at the Nairobi clinic? In shillings
  5. Hello,

    I am going through Federal Skilled Program (FSW) via Express Entry (EE). I submitted my online application on 26 September and received Acknowledgement Of Receipt (AOR) on the same day. I received Medical pass (for FSW-EE, medical is submitted upfront) and request for biometric on 18th October. On 21st October, I was requested to pay RPRF fee and I paid on the same day. On 25th October, I submitted my biometric in Addis Ababa and I have been waiting since with no update. I called IRCC call center and they said that my file was transferred to Nairobi so they do not have access to check for updates.

    My application deadline (6 months) is end of March so there's still plenty of time for them to process but I wish to get it sooner so I can end this migration process of last two years!
  6. approximately 28k they said to bring.
  7. Did you have to pay anything again at the end to get your results? Do you know if they have the e-medical system to send the results directly to the high commission?
  8. yes they have the medical system. nope I didn't pay anything else. use mpesa if you don't want to go to the bank. or if you do them they'll have you sign out and sign back in this timesheet with the security. you get your results in a couple of days through your email and ircc gets sent the results too.

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