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Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by hm28, Oct 19, 2017.

  2. What if you are in a country where there is no Visa office present? Does this mean the applicants need to travel to the VO?
  3. Well they must have arrangements for that.
  4. What were the reasons given for rejection?

    Did you reapply 3rd time?
  5. hi, guys are there any update on NVO how things are going on?
  6. Its going ok. Have u applied? There is a whatapp group btw
  7. Hello @Mtunguyas

    I received an email from Nairobi VO saying '' NROBI (IMMIGRATION) would like to recall the message, "E000******* - , Daniel ".

    This email was followed by two other emails that say they need passports of both primary applicant and dependent to continue processing our file.
    Next to this email, i received another one that says i have a new message in my CIC account and when i logged in it has ADR for passport to be sent to nairobi visa office .

    Was your experience the same??

    How do i proceed from this point onwards??

    Thank you
  8. In case any one wanted a reply, on this matter, i wanted to give you an update.
    1. I sent the passports to nairobi visa office via VFS Nov 31,2018
    2. Communicated the same to Nairobi VO by email and received automated receipt confirmation of email.
    3. The passport Tracking ID provided by Nairobi VO showed that application was dispatched to Nairobi VO same date (Nov 31,2018).
    4. 05 December 2018 tracking ID showed that tracking ID no is being processed at Nairobi VO.
    In case it comes in handy for other applicants :)
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  9. We are the same whatsapp group so i hardly check the forum. I hope u ve gotten your passports back.
  10. @Mtunguyas not yet but my application was approved and waiting for passport any day now
  11. Hello guys. What's the address of the visa office in Nairobi.
  12. guys my application for PR is in the Nairobi visa office. It will be 8months on Aug12. Is anyone else in a similar situation? Or does anyone know tge timelines for the Nairobi VO?
  13. I am sponsoring my common-law partner for his PR, he is Kenyan. He just received the invitation to pre-arrival services today (August 3rd). Does this mean anything? Is it good news? We still have not gotten the request for the medical exam.

    Here is our timeline:

    Application received: March 27
    AOR1: May 4
    SA: May 17
    Biometrics request: May 16
    Biometrics done: May 24
    Application transfered to Nairobi visa office: June 11
    ECAS we started processing your application: June 18
    CSQ (for Quebec) gotten: July 19
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  14. I am in the sane boat

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