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MPNP EOI Draw #45 46 47

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by faranshabbir, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Hello, conrats to you receiving the LAA. Yes, you need to submit both your spouse and children's education certificates and transcripts.
  2. Hello am from draw 57.
    Am finding it difficult to submit my application. Each time I click on Review& Submit. I usually received an Error message ; "Sorry, an error occurred while processing ur request" is this from my system or Mpnp site issue?
  3. Assessment changed from pending to Assessment complete
  4. Hey guys, my status changed to 'Information requested' last week but no email is sent and neither I nor my supported is contacted to provide more information. Is this a normal thing or is there anything I should do?
  5. Maybe the request was send to a 3rd party in your application. Maybe school or employment etc.pls let us know any updates. Good luck!!!
  6. My brother just got LAA from draw 58 for mpnp overseas.. HE had issue from last 2 days to go into complete application but now its good again and we are trying to submit application as soon as we can.. Fingers crossed
  7. Hello. Thanks for the help. They actually sent the request email after a couple of days and I'm trying to gather their request documents.
  8. OK. If I may ask what kind of documents please ?
  9. It's my wife's birth certificate and my supporter's bill documents
  10. Wow!!! Not bad at all. It is well. Good news for us all soonest
  11. hi,

    I just want to know, when your supporter sent Settlement plan 2 form via mail then did he get any acknowledgement mail? if yes then when I mean after how many days.
  12. yes he will get acknowledgement of receipt of the SPP2. However this depends on the officer, some receives an AOR within a week others waited up to 1 month. We got mine exactly 1 month after submission of my supporter but that was during holiday season so that may have delayed it a bit.
  13. Halo, any update? Did you send the requested documents as email or uploaded them on your online account?
  14. I've explained something via email and upload the docs to my account. And then they sent docs received confirmation email. Though my status is still on Information Requested.
  15. The site is down giving me Error message since yesterday. I had to send the documents via email because of deadline..

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