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MPNP EOI Draw #45 46 47

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by faranshabbir, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. I think it's okay to send the docs via email. Have they sent confirmation email yet?
  2. Thank you. Not yet..
  3. Good afternoon,
    My brother got LAA and we are working on Application , please guide me about settlement plan and also .about method of payment for processing ?
  4. Settlement plan is really important to reflect your intention towards permanent settlement. Make sure that both Plan-1 (By applicant) and Plan-2 (By supporter) need to be aligned but does not look like a "copy-paste".

    Credit card is most easier payment method. You get confirmation immediately after payment is received.
  5. Thank u so much for ur response.. Can u also guide me about total fee? How much we need to pay ? My brother is main applicant with dependent his wife and 1 baby of 1.5 year old?
  6. At present, MPNP is charging $500 (In total, irrespective of number of dependents) as application fee which needs to be submitted alongwith online application form.

    Please note that there is no fee to submit an EOI.
  7. Once we submit $500.00 with this application then we need to Pay processing fee as well in future? And how much it will be for all together? And how much Right of permanent Resident fee for applicant ,spouse and 1 baby? Please tell me in details
  8. At MPNP stage, you only need to pay $500 (Till your nomination). At IRCC stage to apply for Permanent Residence the total expense for you to pay should be ($1,040 + $1,040 + $150 = $2,230 for you, spouse and one dependent child). You also need to pay $170 for biometrics (for family of 2 or more people). So total (PR fee + biometrics = $2,400 for all) and Medical charges depends on your country of residence.

    I hope the above information is sufficient enough.
  9. Thank u so much for detailed response..
  10. Sharing my Timeline:

    July 22, 2017= MPNP SWO-EOI
    January 1, 2018= EE Profile Ineligible
    April 5, 2018= EE Profile Ineligible
    April 26, 2018= EE Profile Eligible
    July 9, 2018= LAA Draw 48 MPNP SWO- EE
    August 6, 2018= MPNP Submission
    August 14, 2018= SP2 Submission
    August 31, 2018= AOR SP2
    January 31, 2019= Assesment Complete
    February 1, 2019= LOA ( Nomination)
    February 20, 2019= ITA
    March 1, 2019= ITA Accepted
    March 2, 2019= Upfront Medical
    March 8, 2019= CIC Full App Submission
    March 8, 2019= AOR
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  11. Hello guys

    My friend who was invited directly by the MPNP under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative got his nomination approval within a month after submitting his full application for nomination. Does this means that processing time for Strategic Recruitment Initiative candidates less and quicker?
  12. Hello guys,

    My submission expiry date is 60 days from January 17th 2019 and am yet to submit but looking at 14th of March 2019. Hope I am still within the 60 says submission deadline?

    Secondly, would I have to make payment for the application on the date of submission?

    Thank you.
  13. Good afternoon,
    Can you guide about method of payment please ? FOR MPNP stage, we need to pay $500.00 so which method is easy and fast ?
  14. Payment option will appear after you filled out all information and uploaded all the documents.
  15. its always easy to use your cards for payment.

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