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MPNP EOI Draw #45 46 47

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by faranshabbir, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. My brother is in Pakistan so if he will use his Pakistani Master card how it works?
  2. Thank you. My full Application has been submitted fingers crossed.
  3. Good morning everyone,
    I have 1 question that once we submit our application then how long we can expect Settlement Plan 2 and what is deadline for Settlement plan 2 submission? Please answer me clearly because our supporter need to go for some training and in that area he will not access to internet just only over phone.. He is in army .. Our application is ready to submit today but our supporter is leaving for training on April 1st until 31 May..
  4. As soon as you submit your application online, your supporter will receive a separate email asking him/her to send the SP2 to MPNP. He/she have 15 days to submit the SP2 online.
  5. Can u confirm method of payment ? and where did u pay fee for mpnp application ?
  6. Thank you so much
  7. I got my nomination guys.
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  8. Congratulations alot
  9. What was your time frame? please share
  10. Today we submitted full application for Manitoba Provincial Nomination.. Now waiting time game started and fingers crossed until my brother will come to Canada...
  11. Wow!!!! So happy for you.. Congratulations!!! Please when was your supporter interviewed?
  12. DRAW #57
    LAA 31st January 2019
    Submitted 23rd February 2019
    SP2 submitted 28th February 2019
    SP2 AOR 4th May 2019
    Sponsor call *************
    Assessment Complete ***********

    My Timeline guys!

  13. guys any update? the forum is a bit quite.
  14. Any Draw 57 received Nomination or Sponsor call ?
  15. Hello, My status changed to Information requested in MPNP yesterday but have not received any email from them. What is happening?

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