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MPNP EOI Draw #45 46 47

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by faranshabbir, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. what is your current status ?
  2. Current status: Assessment Pending
    (oversea) anyone got Assessment Complete?
  3. Status: Assessment Pending
    Yours? any update?
  4. what is your current status ?
  5. assessment in process
  6. Hello, when did you submit your application? And are you skilled workers overseas?
  7. are you skilled workers overseas? or in Maintoba?
  8. when did you submit your application?
  9. Whats your current status?
  10. I have my nomination already.
    I have a friend who submitted July 14 skilled workers overseas and his status is assessment pending
  11. hello guyz

    I submitted my EOI today, actually I don't have surname in my passport so I mentioned my given name in given name column and just put full stop (point) in surname column. because I wasn't able to go on next page with blank column. should I worry about it that I will not get LAA because my points are 594 and I am hoping my LAA in next draw.

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  13. Hi
    MPNP-Skilled worker / Family stream in MB, DRAW #47 Timeline:
    July 06 2018 - LAA Received
    August 27 2018 - Application submitted
    September 7 2018 - SP2 submitted
    September 24 2018 - Application Status " Submitted"
    December 11 2018- Application Status " Received"
    January 7 2019 - Application Status: Assessment pending
    Does anyone know how long it takes for your status to move from pending to complete....we are also apply from Outside of Manitoba... and we have been checking our email regularly and nothing as yet ....
  14. Yes My brother in law got Assessment Complete about 2 weeks before
  15. i recieved LAA now i have to submit my application for MPNP-SW oversees
    can anybody tells me that i need to upload my spouse's and childrens education certificate or not

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