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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by cansha, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. Do all Indian citizens applying from the US transfer to Montreal once in the entire processing cycle?
  2. AOR - October 12, 2018
    Medical Passed - November 10, 2018
    IP2 - December 20, 2018 No account update email (based on status: "We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information." )
    FSW - Outland

    Based on IRCC email, any guesses about PPR timeline? I don’t have any contact in Canada to order GCMS notes. any other way to know application status.

    IRCC email:

    Good day,

    Thank you for contacting Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

    We verified the information you provided and are pleased to inform you that everything appears to be in order with your application.

    All the required documents and information have been received by the responsible office for the moment.

    Rest assured that you will be informed as soon as a decision is reached or if additional information is needed.

    Furthermore, your application is currently being processed at the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) in Sydney, Nova Scotia

    We hope the information provided is helpful in assisting you with your enquiry.

    Agent 4344
  3. No
  4. Thanks... So the reason for the transfer from Sydney to Montreal would be either workload redistribution or review required. Notes will tell.
  5. mostly workload redistribution.
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  6. I would agree with this. A CIC agent specifically said to me (a few months ago) that mine was transferred due to workload sharing. [Unless, of course, one has reasons to believe agents would say that to avoid further inquiry about the application.]
  7. anyone with July AOR still waiting?
  8. Something to encourage the newer members for the new week.
    So when @tuitui509 knew a few months ago that we had the same AOR, he told me on the WA group that I was going to get PPR before him and when we both eventually do we will celebrate. His predictions were right, I got PPR before him and I became worried for him. Well, he left the group when the wait was becoming frustrating and he got PPR not long after. Yesterday, myself,him and his lovely wife met for the first time to celebrate PPR over lunch.It was awesome. Our next meeting will be in Toronto.
    THERE IS HOPE GUYS. In February @Tui and I were still in the dark as to when PPR will come but yesterday we celebrated over lunch. Thankful for this forum cos I have met you all awesome people. For the newer members, that excel sheet on WA group had no green at a time. Now we see a lot of green rows.

    Hold on tight, I pray PPR comes sooner than later for you all.
    I also hope that we can meet in Canada some day soon. It will be nice to meet you all
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  9. Hello everyone,
    What is the latest AOR from our thread to receive the PPR? Just trying to figure out the tentative date for me to receive it.
  10. The latest montrealer to get PPR, that we know of, is mid August
  11. Wow superb! You guys are having get together even before reaching Canada.
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  12. My file transferred from Sydney to Montreal a couple weeks ago.

    Good point. Is there really no one who got PPR after a mid August PPR?
  13. unfortunately according to our (substantial) sample nobody from Montreal has received PPR after mid August.
  14. It is hardly substantial though... There are like 50 Montrealean cases in the tracker.
    That must hardly be 1-5% of the total number of cases...
    There must SURELY be more than 5000 cases in Montreal right now...
  15. I don't know which tracker you are referring to but immitracker is useless for Montreal.

    You need to be looking in the right place (i.e. the whatsapp group). It has a sample of 127 and counting which is substantial and gives us a good indication of how the office is behaving.

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