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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, May 2, 2019.

  1. She's from Brazil
    I really hope it doesn't take that long
  2. Where is the PA from?
    Which nationality?
  3. Received an email from IRCC to pay biometrics fees. Is it common? I thought fees is paid at VAC?
  4. I received it on July 5 as well. I think this happen when it wasn't pay for and send in with the application
  5. ohh ok..thanks..I believe its gonna delay us a bit..

    how long after that you received BM request?
  6. Hello! I am new in here. Husband Sponsoring me
    My application was received on - May 13, 2019
    AOR on - June 28, 2019
    Request to pay for biometric fee on- July 5, 2019
    Medical Request on - July 5, 2019
    Medical was done on - July 10, 2019
    Is there anyone else in a similar situation? what will be next? When will I get request to do biometric and notification about the medical done?
  7. I am not sure. How did you upload your BM receipt
  8. As they instructed in the email. I provided the receipt using the webform.
  9. oh I am just concern as when I di it said case specific enquiry confirmation-success. so I was wondering if it was a enquiry or what
  10. That's ok. I received the same message after the submission. It's a multiple purpose webform, can be used for inquiries as well as submitting additional documents.

    Did you get any kind confirmation from them saying they have received your receipt?
  11. no I did no. Did you? it was just re-uploaded yesterday
  12. I just provided it today. Not expecting anything from them for 3-5 business days. As long as you provided the correct information, your file number, it will get updated eventually.
  13. PA is from Sri Lanka, she is Sri Lankan
  14. Seems like no AOR's lately for may applicants.
  15. Applicants from Pakistan ... have you all guys got your files transferred to VO ?

    If YES, which VO your file got transferred ?

    Also, Are you guys done with Bio-metrics and Medicals ?

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