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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, May 2, 2019.

  1. App received May 2nd ! Such a relief..
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  2. hi there - just sent my application off yesterday so nothing to report but in anticipation of that i'd like to create a timeline in my signature. where do i find a template?

    TIA - shawn
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  3. You can copy/paste mine, just edit it to your own details! Best of luck
  4. Good luck May applicants!
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  5. Just sent my application on May 1st. Waiting for delivery.
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  6. Hi, I will be submitting an application soon, just want to ask, how did you guys submit your proof of relationship like screenshot of phone calls and text messages and facebook chats?
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  7. Hi Everyone,
    It's my first time that I'm posting to seek help, I became PR in 2017.my wife was on work visa in Canada and I was in Pakistan we both applied together she was principle applicant and I was dependent and unfortunately we get divorced, now I'm living in Canada and soon I'm getting married in pakistan and I want to sponsor my spouse to become PR in Canada and live with me.
  8. Can I sponsor my spouse ?
  9. Hello! Sent our package from USA to Sydney, NS and it was delivered on April 29th via priority mail. Haven't heard anything yet from Canada.
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  10. I would contact CIC, it is quit a unique situation and they can provide you further information!
  11. We printed 10 pages of messenger conversation, emails and text messages. Copy pasted into a word documented, proofread, cleaned it up and editted the font to make it readible.
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  12. So did she sponsored you to come to Canada ?
  13. Application received today May 6/2019. The tracking only says “delivered”. No signature or name. I just hope it’s delivered
  14. I sent mine d same day too and it says delivered today
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