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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, May 2, 2019.

  1. That’s exactly same address I sent my application to. And my spouse lives outside canada too, I live here in canada
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  2. In my opinion, you should’ Included 2017 NOA as it’s stated in the checklist to include the most current one. Again, you can send a copy to them immediately and safe the time for them to review and be thinking of returning the application. The best bet would have been the letter of explanation to be included in the application. Just my view
  3. your application may be returned due to this as it is very clear on the checklist that this is a required document. if you didnt have it yet, you should have included the year priors and a letter to state why you dont have 2018s as of yet. T4 probably wont cut it. you can try and send a case specific enquiry, however expect that it could be returned due to this
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  4. You got no time to waste. Courier it now. It will get there earlier than when you do it on Monday
  5. In my opinion the T4 works as well, they won’t return your application for just that NOA 2018 is missing. You can just send it as an additional document.
  6. Hi everyone,

    I just sent in my application today. Wishing everyone all the best and good luck!
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  7. Thanks and good luck to you too!
  8. They have many of times as NOA is a REQUIRED document on the checklist. It not being included makes the application incomplete. Hopefully the reviewing officer is nice and sends a simple request as opposed to sending back the application
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  9. Application received on 7th May. Hope everything goes well.
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  10. Hi Folks
    I sent my application on April 30 and they received on May 2nd. Good luck to everyone
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  11. Hello guys!
    I have completed filling my forms but am confused with biometrics and paying fees from Kabul Afghanistan. Do I have to create an account and then apply online or what's the procedure? Any help is much much appreciated!
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  12. To avoid delays, I would advise you pay the Biometric fee along with application fees. I have seen in other forums for different months, people get requests for Biometric fee and pay and wait a month or so for BM instruction letter. For quick processing, pay everything dear
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  13. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/fees/index.asp

    Select your country, type of application and fees. In the end, it will take you to the payment page, and will ask you to create an account to pay. Just follow the instructions.
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  14. Application sent on April 30, received on May 3. Gluck to all!
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