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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, May 2, 2019.

  1. Congratulations !!!
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  2. Congrats.. who gets this email? Sponsor or principle applicant ?
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  3. The PA. But if you've linked the application and have access, then you can check it in the messages section as well. But yes, PA does receive the email.
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  4. Guys, my wife did the medicals and they've been approved since last week, but the file hasn't been transferred yet.
    Any idea why? or how much longer would it take?
    I see most people having the file transferred even before medical exams being done.
    SA is approved, biometrics, etc...
    Thanks for any help!
  5. Hey Friend,
    May I know when you received the AOR1. or your application received by CIC sydne NS

  6. where is she from?it can take 6 to 7 months for some applicants
  7. I'm in the same boat as u. When I called CIC they say that it will happen, but not know when :(
  8. Its the same for me... I called and they said that file is still at Sydney office and will be transferred.. But when it will be transferred, an email will automatically be sent out to confirm which visa office it got transferred to.
  9. Same here! Aor received June 28. No update after that. ☹️
  10. Hi everyone.
    My application received on 2 may, than got AOR on 17 June, after that heard nothing about medical , and biometric. I check status on GC key everyday show nothing just show blank biometric. It's been almost the month i heard nothing . I don't know why they taking too much time on medical and biometric.
    Any advice guys.
  11. hey people,

    quick question - I have received the medical and also got the SA. The forms I sent were old, I forgot to check before sending the file, the forms were updated by Mar 19 end, I had those filled before that.
    I hope after this much processing the file wont be returned.
    in case there is any requirement IRCC will ask for that via webforms?
  12. Hello Folks,
    Any new AOR's in last few days? Please keep updating here for others as a kind help.

    Thanks to everyone in advance and congratulations to people who got their file number and more process on their file.
  13. Yes. I can see 1 appplicant has received the AOR yesterday (15th July, 2019).
    I am also May 27th applicant, but nothing received as of now. Tried checking on ECAS as well.. but no luck :( ... I believe I need to keep more patience !!
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  14. Hello guys ,

    How can I link my file on GC key? Every time
    I put my info on GC key , it doesn’t work. Anyone else having same problem? Please advise.

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