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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, May 2, 2019.

  1. Hi Guys, who’s the one maintaining the tracker? I noticed someone filled up my section and provided dates for SA and Biometrics? We’ve not yet received emails though about it. Thanks!
  2. All good now. Thanks!
  3. Congratulations. Most files transferred to VO office in Africa do not get medical request right away according to the tracker from January. Coz of the slower processing I guess, so they tend to request it towards the end of process.

    I am May 6 as well
    PA from Tanzania
    AOR; June 23
    DM: June 26 (No SA email)
    BR: June 26, Completed&Passed: July 8
    No MR
    No Transfer.
  4. I’m sure everyone is on the right track, it’s just that it doesn’t happened in an order. If u don’t tell me now I won’t know that the medical request happens towards the end of the process. Let’s just be optimistic. Everyone is gonna smile at d end
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  5. UPDATE:

    Application was received on May 1, 2019
    AOR : Received on June 15th 2019
    Bio metrics request: June 21st 2019
    SA: June 24th 2019
    Bio metrics completed: June 26th 2019
    Medicals request: July 3rd 2019
    Transferred to CPC Mississauga: July 4th 2019
    Medicals passed: July 12th 2019
    Decision made for PA: July 15th 2019

    God willing it's PPR after this and nothing else...
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  6. Congratulations @CalebDavid
  7. Hey folks,

    Have anybody received AOR for May 27th application received.

  8. Congrats ... That was lightning fast !
  9. hi all, I submitted my application on May 15, received May 17, AOR received July 5th. I haven't heard or received an update since then. anyone on the same timeline as me? also, this my second marriage, could this be the reason for the delay?
  10. Just received Pre-Arrival services email.

    It was lightening fast wasn't it?? Almost unheard of in recent times. By God's grace it was a breeze!

    What a relief
  11. Congrats man !

    All the best :)
  12. That is normal.. Whats your ECAS status for Sponsor and PA ?

    Also, what is your GCKEY SHowing ?
  13. Similar to mine, i recieved AOR on June 28 application recieved on May 13, since then nothing. My ecas shows in process for both sponsership approval and permament resident ent. My GCkey shows in process. I see biometrics but no number or anything, just blank and no emails in my mailboxes. Sigh just have to wait I guess
  14. Congrats @CalebDavid !!

    Would you be so kind as to update the tracker? It’s very helpful to others.

    I have a similar timeline as you except I wasn’t as fast to get medicals done. Hopeful that once they are completed, it won’t be long before I get DM :)

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