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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, May 2, 2019.

  1. ECAS shows application received May 17th. that's it, nothing else.
    GCKEY is showing application received and nothing else.
  2. You’re pretty much on track with others. It took ~12 days after I got AOR to get sponsor approval. I did get biometrics req 7 days after AOR. You should hear something soon I’d imagine
  3. Congratulations
  4. Thank you,
  5. Application was received on May 9, 2019
    AOR : June 26th 2019.
    SA: July 2nd 2019
    Medicals request: July 3 2019.
    Medicals Given: 16th July.
    Bio metrics request: July 5 2019
    Bio metrics completed: -Not Yet.
    Transferred to CPC Mississauga: July 10th 2019

    updated in the sheet

    has anyone tried for TRV after PR application is in process? I tried and it was rejected . I have provided hell lot of documents as suggested in this post but no success.

  6. Hi,

    my spouse recently had bio-metrics done for TRV, and when I check in GCKey account it still shows the Biometric details. Does she have to go through it again?
    I understand that even though biometrics are done for TRV one have to give it again for PR. but in the account it show that it is still valid, see below
    • Principal Applicant: <FIRSTNAME> <LASTNAME>
    • Unique Client Identifier (UCI): XXXXXXXXXX
    • Application number: FXXXXXXXX
    • Date Received: May 21, 2019
    • Biometrics:
      • Biometrics Number: 000XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
      • Date of Biometrics Enrolment: April 24, 2019
      • Expiry Date: April 24, 2029
    anyone in a similar situation?
  7. Correct, these will be done again. Even though the ones done for TRV show there, you will receive the biometric request for PR application.
  8. :(

    thanks. BTW, do you know in how many days the bio-metrics needs to be completed one they send the request in GCKey account?

    and if I take longer time to submit Bio-metrics does it delays the file processing?
  9. you have 30 days to complete. if you cant complete in 30 days, inform CIC ASAP
  10. Thanks man!
  11. hey I try to ling my application when I did that it shows that the application is already been linked to this account. to view your application, see the "view submitted applications" on the main page of your account but I did not find any application. anyone had any idea about thAT
  12. what country is your PA from?

    AOR -5 JULY
  14. My wife done medical 11 July and not transfer and not medical received..
  15. Thanks :) India

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