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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by angelyohann, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. after getting "Decision Made" status on ECAS how long it will take to get any letter from them?
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  2. Oh, well that part sounds like you submitted a Use of Representative form to them, but that they aren't entirely clear about it? I would just follow the instructions they've included based on what you want to do.
  3. still no AOR. and probably not going to come before the long weekend, which means after the long weekend they will be behind..ugh so stressed. I don't know what to think or do at this point.
  4. AOR can take 3 months, sometimes more. It's honestly irrelevant how long it took for other months/other applicants. There is no need to be stressed, you just need to wait.
  5. Hii
    Can anyone please guide me through the basic processing steps for outland spousesponsership .
  6. I know. I keep telling myself that. Thanks
  7. Just got BR letter. does anyone know of a place IN Canada where we can do it? I read something about some service canada locations doing it but it wasn't very clear
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  8. Hope this is helpful :

    Biometrics collection at IRCC visa offices (in limited situations)
    While most overseas applicants will enrol their biometric information at VACs, IRCC will continue to have biometrics collection equipment available at all visa offices to provide collection services in limited circumstances relating to national interest, operational requirements (overseas refugee resettlement) or other reasons when the VAC is unable to collect (subject to approvals from International Network [IN] or Immigration Program Guidance Branch [IPG]. The request is sent through the Biometrics Operational Support Unit [BOSU]).

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  9. Hey Farah I know one afghani family they were told to do there biometrics when they will arrive to Canada
    Just confirm with ircc to make sure you dont have to go to Pakistan or India for ir
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  10. Unfortunately you can't give biometrics for a PR application inside of Canada, has to be done at a VAC (visa application center). I linked a page on IRCC's website a little earlier today on this thread, has a list of all the VACs worldwide so you can try and find somewhere that is possible for you (or your family member) to get to.
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  11. Can you please share your timeline please ?
  12. Finally received AOR1 after 55 days since received!
  13. I am so depressed as none of the Pakistani applicant files has been transferred to local VO from January when I checked the tracker.
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  14. I think this is for the PA's eligibility. I got my sponsor approval about a month ago and my gckey shows the same.

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