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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by angelyohann, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. Hi guys!!
    Created this post for march 2019 app

    Share your timeline here.

    Lets hope for the best!
    God speed!

    My timeline:

    Application sent: February 27,2019
    Application received: March 1,2019
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    Wow, it feels as if February was non existent. Good luck to all March applicants!

    Useful Links:
    Tracker for march applicants:

    ECAS Application Status:


    Immigration Acronyms:

    CIC Webform:
  3. Good luck to March applicants!
    @angelyohann , sometimes it can happen other members will not notice that the thread for a month has been created (especially when it's very new and doesn't have many posts in it) and will create another one (I saw that happened for February and some other months as well), so we can end up with a few March threads. I'd suggest, keep an eye on it, and keep this thread alive. Since you're "a mother" of this one :) If a similar thread will be created, you can refer folks here, and it will help to keep all March applicants together, not scattered.
  4. Plus we’ll all do our best to direct people here too. I’m excited to see just how fast AORs come through this month as they seem to be getting quicker with each passing month.
  5. You're just reading my thoughts, because I'm going to post some data about it in a few minutes in a Feb thread :)
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  6. Timeline

    PA (primary applicant) :Country
    AOR1: Acknowledgment of Receipt
    MR: Medical Request
    SA:Sponsorship Approval
    Medical passed
    MIDI - CSQ: Ministry of Immigration, Diversity, and Inclusion - The Quebec Selection Certificate/certificat de sélection du Québec. (Quebec Only)
    CSQ received (Quebec Only)
    CSQ AOR (Quebec Only)
    AOR2: Acknowledgment of Receipt at VO (Visa office of PA)
    CSQ approval (Quebec Only)
    BGC: Background check in Process
    DM: Decision made
    PPR: Passport Request
    COPR ISSUED: Confirmation of PermanentResidence (document you recieve when you become a PR)
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  7. Thanks for the support @alaria promise to keep this thread active.

  8. Thank you! Very helpful timeline. Hoping for positive and quick reaponse from the ircc.
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  9. Thank you @JoshC for the support.it means a lot.. yup! Excited too for faster results.humble enough to join this forum
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  10. Everyone ! Be careful !!

    CIC updated two application forms in Feb 2019.
    ・Document Checklist(IMM 5533)
    ・Sponsorship Evaluation and Relationship Questionnaire(IMM 5532)

    My sponsor already sent old forms in the end of Feb, but it'll be fine!
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  11. Will be sending my application off tomorrow by courier!!
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  12. Best of luck ashmorgan18

  13. I didnt check yet the new forms regarding the document checklist.and i also used the old form.. i hope it’ll be fine.

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