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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by angelyohann, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. Hey PS2019, exactly the same timeline :) Lets see what happens for us!
  2. Thanks for updating the spreadsheet, JoshC! And welcome to everyone who is a March 2019 applicant, wishing all of us the best of luck!
  3. Sydney nova scotia
  4. Mine received March 11
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  5. Thats great HHS! Good luck! :)
  6. gonna bump this thread by saying hi!

    we sent my application on the 25th of february and it was received the first of march. i'm still paranoid that we forgot something despite me obsessively flipping through all the pages countless times.

    best of luck to everyone! hopefully an ending is finally in sight for all of us.
  7. Hi, can you please help me Can someone give me the phone number where I can contact the IRCC, I will humbly ask them if it’s possible that they can give attention to my application I’m the sponsor I’m having a surgery soon and I live alone no close friends no relatives. They just received my application March 11.. It would be great if you could help me.. many thanks in advance!
  8. I think you can apply for a visitor visa for your spouse citing the need of your spouse to visit you.
  9. Thank you , but In my understanding it’s not that easy to get a visitors visa If Im not mistaken they do have a lots of requirements like bank accounts properties.. Im not sure
  10. good luck on your surgery !

    It depends on countries.
    some countries aren't needed a visiter VISA, just need to apply for eTA.
  11. Hi Guys,

    I am about to do application for my wife staying in India. I am having a question regarding that we have to convert our watsapp chat into English language?
  12. Yes as per the checklist it should certified translates
  13. Why has CIC updated the document checklist again this month and changed the address back to CPC-Nova Scotia for family sponsorship. This is just so annoying.
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  14. What if the whats app messages are written in english alphabets but the language is different.

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