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London VO 2017/ 2018 applicant waiting medical request let connect here

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Kaysolo, Apr 19, 2018.

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    Hello guys,

    I noticed my secondary office is London , so the question that I have is :

    I needed to contact them and provide them a related info . before I know the London the secondary office in charge with my application I always submitted a specific case inquiry in CIO webform and I always received an automatic reply right after that could help to know at least my request successfully submitted.

    Yesterday I submitted a case inquiry but specifically selected London office, But I did not receive any auto reply from them ( although I saw " your request submitted " on cic web portal .

    so do you have similar experience ? have you every submitted a query to London office using cic web form and received auto reply or there is no auto reply.

    Please let me know whether I should submit again or not . I have already sent them direct email but either havn't received any response from direct email.

  2. Hi friends. Any updates from London Visa office for anyone? Hoping for good news from everyone very very soon!
  3. is this London , UK or London, ON ? LOL
  4. no news yet, but I ordered GCMS note
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  5. Good luck, pls keep us posted.
  6. Guys, I got my GCMS note last friday.

    I noticed my application was Put Away (PA) since June, guess it was as a result of my IELTS result.

    My file was open again Oct 22 after submitting my new result. At the moment my GCMS reveals that criminality, infor sharing and security seems competed, hoping for eligibility final review soon.

    Also, according to the note my medical due is February 2019 approximately a year after AOR receipt

    Guys, I suggest we all order our GCMS notes to have a clue of our files location and assigned officers notes/comments on our files, I believe this will give us some relief

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  7. Hi did you apply under Quebec Entrepreneur scheme ? Or ?
  8. No, I applied under Manitoba Enterpre
  9. Ok tnx
  10. I think that today is the last working day for our VO. So if a delightful Christmas gift doesn’t come by tomorrow then we won’t be hearing anything till after the first week of Jan 2019.
    Wishing everyone a peaceful, joyful and blessed festive season.
    I think that I will apply for GCMS notes if I don’t hear anything by the 10th of next month. I was really hoping for the MR before the holidays began..
  11. Merry christmas and happy new year in advance

    I suggest you order your GCMS note, it takes approximately 5 weeks plus.
  12. @Schehrazade : So, u same with my time line!!! Before me 01 days but AOR just after me 01 month only!! Prepaire yr feeling!! Yoohooo!!
  13. yes. tuyen huynh right !. hope hear good new the first week 2019 from @Tuyen Huynh and Schehrazade. Merry christmart and happy new year the both. i was knowledge in 2019 . CIC are going to solve all application opened 2015. but i am not sure our application come the first year or end of year.
  14. After my business trip on first of jan, then i will send pp, then i update with all ha! Merry chrismast n Happy new year!!

  15. Hi Soheilhs,

    Usually LVO do not confirm receipt of web form enquiries. but you can be rest assured that they got your request.

    I saw all my web forms enquiries on my GCMS note, confirming they actually got it.

    However, guys I suggest we all order GCMS note, especially for those of us overdue for medical request and ppr. Trust me guys, it's alot of relief for me now. At the moment, I know where my files is with confirmation that an officer is working on my file.

    Our long wait shall end with Joy and happiness

    Cheers Guy,

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