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London VO 2017/ 2018 applicant waiting medical request let connect here

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Kaysolo, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. If your IELTS score is valid till December 2018 then why are you being asked again ? I am aware that IELTS is required for business applicants also but the minimum requirement is lower. What was your overall score ? (If you don't mind sharing)
  2. 5.5
  3. All Quebec Investors, Entreprenuer and Self employed applications are now bundled up by CIC in one Quebec Business Class catagory with a time frame of 45 months. They are just delaying all applications from Quebec.
  4. waoooohhh
  5. i think that. only use for new application when program reopen 15 august. hope all the best come us !
  6. I have received medical request on the 2nd of August.

    My AOR was March 22, 2018. London Visa office.
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  7. Congratulations!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!
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  8. Thanks a lot. what is your status ?

  9. I am awaiting AOR. Application was received June 27.
  10. So so happy for you and all the best for smooth sailing ahead.
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  11. Congratulations !!!!
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  12. Hi Kaysolo, whats up with yours? Have you re-taken IELTS now?
  13. hi, kaysolo
    can we chat on whatsapp
  14. hi you
    Why did processing times information change?
    In July 2018, we changed the way we show processing times for some permanent resident applications who haven’t applied yet. These new processing times are an estimate of how long we expect most applications will take to process under normal circumstances.

    These times are based on the number of current applications waiting to be processed and how quickly we expect to process them. They are more accurate for new or recent applicants.

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