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London VO 2017/ 2018 applicant waiting medical request let connect here

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Kaysolo, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. waiting for medical request let's connect, below are my time lines

    CIC received application : Dec 13, 2017
    AOR : Feb 5, 2018
    Additional document submitted ; Feb 9, 2018
    MR: waiting
  2. Hi there! My details are below:

    CIC received application: 18th Jan 2017
    Additional documents sent: 13th March 2017
    AOR: 23rd March 2017

    After that just waiting for MR. I am Quebec Entreprenuer Catagory.

  4. waooohhh, that's over 12months now, is this normal?
  6. Perfectly normal for LVO apparently. Welcome to the wait club.

  7. I thought LVO are very fast
  8. I suggest you make a call to LVO for update, it's been over 12 months you've had AOR
  9. I’ve received GCMS notes in jan this year and also requested them again. Should be receiving them in a few days. But I’m not the only one..there are plenty others in skilled worker category too who are waiting for MR since over a year. So I don’t know what to think..hopefully we’ll all hear something soon. Are you investor category or self employed?
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  10. but investors stream should be faster I think?

  11. yes I'm investors stream
  12. No it doesn’t make any difference. In fact I think the time given for Quebec investors is something like 44 months. I don’t think it will drag on that long though. It all seems very uncertain with no real clarity as to actual processing time. Just hoping and praying..
  13. I’m hoping that we will all get through in 24 months. Some are faster some are slower.
  14. this is serious man
  15. got this from another forum

    London Visa Office Status:

    Processed AOR

    June and Before = 99%
    July AOR = 80%
    August AOR = 60%
    September AOR = 45%
    October AOR = 20%
    November AOR = 10%
    December and after = less than 10%

    London is processing applications in two batches. Firstly, October then August. Secondly, November then September. They will process 80% of Nov AOR and 60% of Sep AOR by the end of April. The standard trend in London nowadays is as follow:

    1 month from AOR to R10 Pass
    2 months from R10 Pass to CIO Decision
    3 months from CIO Decision to LVO Decision
    1 month from LVO Decision to Background Decision (unless Security Screening)
    1 month from Background Decision to PPR

    I hope this will help. I will not be actively answering questions in threads. For any important or specific questions kindly PM me and I will try to answer in few days.


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