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London VO 2017/ 2018 applicant waiting medical request let connect here

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Kaysolo, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. I think that, yr file at Federal only 5 months..they just tranferred file from Nova scota to immigration center n updated only....Just wait n when time is 12 months, them order! Just my ideas!
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  2. Hi
    Your suggestion most welcome
    I know there will be no progress . Just ordering for the sake of it . To have a feel how it reads/ looks
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  3. Hi everyone,

    My application sent and received by CIC Nov 22, 2017, and I have received AOR 22 Jan 2018. NO MR till today, is that normal?
    I am MPNP-B paper base.
    Many thanks indeed,
  4. HI, I received my AOR on feb 2017. still stuck on security check with no news yet. any idea
  5. Hi guys, this to inform you I finally got my MR today and PAL 30-03-2019
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  6. Oh dear!!!!!!! Sooooooo happpy for you!!!! You will get PPR immediately after medical passed. Congratulations bro!!
  7. my timelines below

    Exploratory trip - Feb 2017
    Submission of EOI- Feb 2017
    LAA - Feb 2017
    Application submission- April 2017
    Application receipt- May 2017
    Pre Assessment Notice (PAN) - Sept 2017
    Replied PAN -Oct 2017
    Interview - Oct 2017
    Nomination Approval - Oct 2017
    Deposit - Nov 2017
    Nomination Certificate letter - Nov 2017
    Application to CIC for PR - 13 Dec 2017
    Acknowledgemet recpt AOR- 5 Feb 2018
    ADR 26 June 2018 IELTS
    Response to ADR 20 September 2018
    Procedural Fairness Letter 23 January 2019
    Response to PFL 05 March 2019
    Pre- Arrival Letter 30 March 2019
    Medical request - 04 April 2019
    Medical Done: awaiting
    PPR: waiting
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  8. thank you bro, yours is on the way
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  9. Congratulations dear Kaysolo! So so happy for you!
  10. thank you sis, you guys will receive good news soon
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  11. congratulation kaysolo. so happy when hearded good new for you. hope soon you received PPR .........
  12. hi schech .... have you ever think apply work permit before come montreal to work and wait PR. when you do not need wait proceesing time form CIC. and no stress. hope heard soon good new from you
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  13. Thank you for your kind words!
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  14. I’m so disheartened nowRaymond, my mind doesn’t work now. I don’t think work permits are easy to come by and I don’t have the mental strength to peruse anything. I think I’m just resigned to the fact that we might ever get there now. We are getting older, kids are growing up..it’s just getting harder and harder.
  15. Don't give up the hope sis, let's just have faith and believe that the good news is close to us
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