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London VO 2017/ 2018 applicant waiting medical request let connect here

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Kaysolo, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. hi Tuyen Huynh, congrats on your PPR, waooohhh, so you got MR and PPR within a month!
  2. Thank you!
    Ya, MR n Pre- arrival service letter and RPRF same month and after 7 days of receiving of Medical result passed, getting PPR, How is yr time line? How long u have been waiting for?
  3. CIC received application : Dec 13, 2017
    AOR : Feb 5, 2018
    Additional document submitted ; Feb 9, 2018
    letter of fairness, Jun 27, 2018
    Response to letter Oct, 2018
    MR: waiting

  4. Hi Kaysolo,

    what was the fairness letter about? Could you please shed some light? Thank you.
  5. Oh, i have been waiting from Jan 2017! Hehehe, soon yr turn!
  6. I was asked to produce another IELTS result
  7. hahahaha
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  8. Hi
    Where are you ? We already miss you and your posts in this forum . I hope all ok ?
  9. Hi Ash,
    I am just so disappointed and upset that I read the posts but have nothing positive to add. I have the same fears as you regarding the delay and am really concerned that my application is again stuck in the queue. Remember Farah Najmi..they’re through..last sept. I think they’ve already done their landing. We have the same lawyer and as our application was two months behind theirs we were told that we would probably get our MR by Nov of last year. We’ve applied for the GCMS notes again..let’s see what’s there. But I am now very disheartened and very worried. I don’t know what’s going on with my file.
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  10. Hi
    Thank you for your reappearance .
    Appreciated !!
    It’s a longwaiting ,tedious ,never ending ,frustrating ,speculative ,roller coaster ride ( I wanted to add more adjectives) .
    We are all in together . Hopefully we will glide through it successfully.
    I have come across people who are in this journey of migration since YEAR 2009 ( can you imagine) and trying !!
    Hoping against hope that tomorrow the file will move ahead . Praying !! living with a glimmer of hope
    Visitng cic website on a regular basis has become a daily norm .
    ringing up lawyers or filing up for gcms has added to the agony of many of my friends here .
    There reaches a boling point and you start pondering is this all worth it ???
    You see people getting refugee status in one day ( nothing wrong in that) but question arises what wrong have we done to wait endlessly ,putting our future and everything at stake and remaining in dark throughout the process
    We are aging up ! The fascination is fast drying up . One starts questioning the decision .

    No one knows where to get accurate information. There is no set norm as in your case someone 2 months ahead has landed and you have not received MR TILL YET . Now where it leads to ?? What’s the basis of delay ? Where to complain? Who will provide the information promptly ( gcms takes more than 1 months — )that’s the worst part
    Best policy should be to forget it and let it happen . But that’s not possible

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  11. Iam in my 5th month in federal . Do you think it’s worth ordering the GCMS at this stage .
    Also can you share from where and how you order GCMS notes?
  12. You’ve said everything that I wanted to say..more adjectives would have been welcome . Since we’ve gone through agents and lawyers only they can apply for notes for us. It takes 5$. They will send you a consent form to sign and they’ll submit on your behalf.
    Apply and see. It’ll give you an idea of what the notes are about. After these ones apply after a year has passed. Then you can compare how far your file has come along.
    Thanks for the support. I really appreciate it..and I’m still going to hold you to that coffee!
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  13. Most welcome . Amen
  14. I wanna ask my file is transferred to London hw long will it take to get passport request my husband is canadian
  15. All will be over soon and it will end well for everyone!
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