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Landlord forcing me to buy tenant insurance

Discussion in 'Housing' started by mcgyver, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. The reason why your landlord wants you to included her in the tenant insurance as a additional insured party is because of liability issues. In case there is an accident that occurred within the property like somebody got hurt. That person might sue your landlord or you for the accident.
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  2. For such an accident you mentioned, my tenant insurance could have a 3rd party liability coverage that would indemnify my landlord from facing that person, and that would compensate for all damages caused by the accident. So, I don't see a reason why my landlord has to be included as an additional insured for that.
  3. I was looking for a house to rent and this fishy landlord asked me the point# 3 as well. My agent who was representing me and I said no. Ultimately I did not opted for renting this place for this and other stupid conditions this landlord was raising...
  4. I am interested in knowing whether a landlord can legally demand to be included under my tenant insurance.
  5. I wouldn't do it and find another flat, but that's just me
  6. The thing is, I have been living here for 3 years already. So, I am not willing to move out. I need to know if the landlord could make it so much of an issue if I politely "decline" to include her in my tenant insurance. If necessary, I could even file a complaint to the Tenant Landlord Board. But before that, I am trying to gather facts -- whether the landlord is entitled to be included under my insurance policy.
  7. You can ask your insurance provider and see what they tell you.
  8. Ask the landlord for an official source where it states the new legislation. If she doesn't give you it, you have only 2 options. Make a complaint or move.
  9. Also most likely it won't cost a thing to add a name to the tenant insurance. But if you are really against adding your landlord's name then ask your insurance provider first.
  10. I thank you everyone for the insightful posts. I have got some perspective now on it.
  11. When you fill out a quote for ex. Square One Insurance, the personal liability (ex. $1,000,000) shows:

    Personal and Premises Liability

    Protects against amounts you are legally responsible to pay because you unintentionally injure someone or damage their property. It also protects against amounts you are legally responsible to pay for unintentional injury to someone or damage to their property arising from the ownership or use of your home.

    So I don't understand why the landlord wants his name in the insurance? Is everybody not included in personal liability coverage?
  12. Exactly! Well, I am going to let her know that I am interested in purchasing tenant insurance and that I will have to decline her wish to have included under my insurance.
  13. Hello, everyone. I am back with some updates. The landlord gave me some reference to an authentic source that it is now mandatory to purchase tenant insurance.

    "Residential Tenancies Act as of April 30, 2018:
    The tenant must have liability insurance at all times. If the landlord asks for proof of coverage, the tenant must provide it. It is up to the tenant to get contents insurance if they want it."
  14. So it says nowhere that her name should be on it then.
  15. I asked her to produce any reference to any similar clause that explicitly states the requirement of adding the Landlord. I am curiously awaiting her reply on that.

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