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Landlord forcing me to buy tenant insurance

Discussion in 'Housing' started by mcgyver, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. I have recently received a notice of annual rent increase, which I was anticipating. But the landlord is saying that property insurance is now required prior to any tenancy or renewal. According to the landlord, this is now mandatory in Ontario as of 2018 (not verified by any authentic source). The landlord also demands that they be added as an additional insured under my policy! I have a monthly tenancy, by the way.

    Could anyone kindly assist me with the following:
    1. Can my landlord force me to take property insurance claiming that it is now mandatory in Ontario?
    2. Is there any authentic source that does say it is now mandatory in Ontario as of 2018?
    3. Can my landlord demand to be added as an additional insured under my policy?

  2. Requiring that you have tenant's insurance is perfectly legal. Your landlord is trying to protect you. If you don't want to take out insurance you can move. The cost is quite minimal.
  3. Well there is difference in insurance:

    Renters' insurance, often called tenants' insurance, is an insurance policy that provides some of the benefits of homeowners' insurance, but does not include coverage for the dwelling, or structure, with the exception of small alterations that a tenant makes to the structure.

    I don't think the landlord can make someone pay for the actual property insurance.
  4. Definitely not. Assumed it was tenant's insurance. A tenant wouldn't be able to take out homeowner's insurance if they didn't own the property.
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  5. Thanks, I meant tenant insurance. But kindly answer the other portion which is question#3. The landlord would like to be an additional entity to be insured under my tenant insurance policy! I find that ridiculous. Can I decline, offering the landlord that I could add her, at most, as an "interested" party who would be notified in the event the policy got modified/cancelled?
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    I am in USA and even I was asked to get company , which owns the rental community , added to the renter's insurance policy. It makes sense. For ex - If rental unit goes down due to fire or gets flooded than some component of the compensation should go to person/company that owns the rental unit.
  7. While I doubt it's a requirement (but it may be), it's not an unreasonable request by a landlord and falls within a reasonable requirements for tenancy. My guess is you comply or find a new place to live.
  8. Doesn't the landlord's own property insurance provide for "some component" of the compensation?
  9. Hi Buletruck, which requirement are you referring to? I mentioned two:
    1. Tenant insurance for my unit
    2. Landlord added as an additional entity under my tenant insurance
  10. Always a good idea to get tenants insurance to protect all your belongings in the flat. That's not just in Canada, that is worldwide. You are not liable for PROPERTY insurance as it you don't own the building. So what are they asking you for...tenants or property....as there is a big difference. Perfectly reasonable for them to ask you to get that.
  11. russ, they want to be covered by my tenant insurance.
  12. Ok, get the tenants insurance.
  13. Perhaps I have failed to distinguish to points properly. I understand the part that tenant insurance is important. In fact, I have decided to get it anyway. I am concerned about the second part. Why does the landlord wish to be covered as an additional insured under my tenant insurance? Why do I have to include her under my tenant insurance?
  14. Tenants insurance is only for the tenant and in the tenants name. This covers THEIR PROPERTY (and by property I mean belongings). Nothing to do with the landlord really. Is it a furnished flat? The landlord should really have insurance as well, under their name. Nothing to do with the tenant
  15. Excellent. No, it was not a furnished apartment when I moved it. All belongings are mine, except for the dishwasher. Every unit in my building has a dishwasher.

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