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Lambton college September 2019 offer letter.

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Sahil971, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. Hello guys

    I got my visa for sept19 lambton colg
    Is there any need for police clearance for coop program?
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  2. Bro i have applied for same course jan 2020 intake...its been 13 days i havent received any response...can you tell me your qualifications and marks for
  3. I have got conditional offer letter of acceptance for quality engineering management for sept 2019 session on 19 March 2019 . Advise on next step
  4. Why did you get the conditional offer ? once you satisfy that then you have to get a unconditional offer and then proceed for filling the visa.
  6. They said I have to pay the 1st semister tuition fee in order to get the official letter of acceptance
  7. Then you have to pay them the fees to get the offer letter. What is the confusion ?
  8. when did u apply for lambton college
  9. When did u apply for lambton college
  10. I didn't apply to lambton, conditional offers are common in all college/universities.
  11. I have applied on 22 dec 2018 and received the LOA on 19 March 2019
  12. Bro what are your qualifications?
  13. I have read from Lambton College website saying you need to bring police certificates from your home country in order to help you for coop work permit . So it is required to have it with when you go to Canada
  14. My bachelor degree was in civil engineering and now I got admission in lambton in quality engineering management . My preference was in construction project management . I do know if it is possible to change from QEM to CPM later after I go there
  15. While submitting the application was your 1st preference construction project management or quality engineering management

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