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Lambton college September 2019 offer letter.

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Sahil971, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. Hello guys i have applied for computer program but i don't receive offer letter from lambton college toronto. And i applied on 1st November. Please suggest me what to do? Wait or again apply?
  2. Probably need to be patient given Sept 2019 is a long way away and the college is likely focussed on offers for courses that start earlier than that. Just my view anyway but you can always ask the college directly instead of a forum
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  3. Bro ,is lambton a (2-3 days) college .i also want to take computer field .but my priority is of 2-3 days college
  4. Is there anybody got comfirmation mail from lambton college for sep2019 intake ?
  5. Yes bro lambton take only 2-3 days classes
  6. Confirmation mail?
  7. The mail send by college to student after receiving applicaton in college
  8. Yes, i do.
    But i am processing my file for stenberg college
  9. Yes, i have got the offer letter from lambton, but want to wait for george brown college’s acceptance.
  10. Sept 2019
  11. I also got offer letter today from lambton college sarnia campus
  12. Which program ?
  13. Quality engineering management
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  14. Lucky person. And your course in lambton?

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