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Lambton college September 2019 offer letter.

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Sahil971, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. I applied for the same course... Still didn't get the offer letter..
  2. I got for same but sarnia campus
  3. I got my offer letter yesterday for lambton Preparing to pay fee
  4. congrats
  5. Thnx i aaplied for mobile application design and development. Is there anyone same ?? Its in toronto
  6. Hey , can i get ur insta id or id on some other site , by which i can talk to u for info or it'll keep us in touch ,, thank u
  7. I cant provide my id. you can ask anything here.
  8. I asked to ROOP12 for ID not u lovesandy
  9. 8568080256 add me on WhatsApp. I will add you in lambton September 19 group where we can discuss our problems queries with each other
  10. Yup he is right , msg to sahil and he will add all of u if u r going to join lambton sept 2019
  11. No.. 5 days classes.. i m studying in this college. I have classes on 5 days
  12. No.. in toronto campus there are 5 days classes.. i am studying in this college ..i have classes on 5 days
  13. When did you apply bro ? What’s you IELTS and Gpa score ? Even myself applied on same course
  14. Guys ! Does anybody know how to track our application status online ? Or we need to wait until college giving acceptance ?
  15. Bro do u know about advance project management strategic leadership course in toronto campus, just want to know 3 day or 5 day classes of this course ???

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