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Lambton college September 2019 offer letter.

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Sahil971, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. My first choice is construction project management and second was quality engineering management and I select place of study as Sarnia Campus but later I found that construction project management not available in Sarnia Campus . I think that is the reason they give me admission in my second choice .
  2. I also got study visa for lambton. Are you bringing police clearence with u is it required
  3. I have also got visa for sept 2019 intake. Btw my course in quality engineering management.
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  4. congratulations on your visa, I have received LOA and paid the first-semester tuition fee for Lambton college Sep 2019 intake and I am going to apply for study permit visa from Qatar ....next week online. so I have one question did you apply online or through vfs paper. what documents you included for your visa
  5. Hi everyone... How many of you are going for Mobile application development?
  6. Same here.. got your visa?
  7. I am one of them
  8. I am going to.lambton sarnia campus for my pg deploma in public heath, my intake is fall intake
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  9. Yes,got my Visa
  10. Me
    Did you get your Visa?
  11. I also got visa for September 2019 intake in lambton college Sarnia campus in quality engineering management
  13. I got offer letter for january 2020 intake at toronto campus. Is it ok to lodge file right now i.e 8 months earlier??
  14. I too have a offer letter in construction project management in Toronto campus. I am in a dilemma weather it accept it or not.
  15. I am going to accept but confused about lodging file earlier..

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