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*JUNE 2019* INLAND Spousal Sponsorship

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by juliakristof, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. You received your OWP in less than 25 days?!
  2. I called initially for submitting a missing fee for open work permit then she gave me instructions asked me information and let me n hold for 5 minutes then came back with that application number but I'm not sure if that number is gonna be the same as the one I get when I receive the AOR.
    Had to wait like 30 minutes to talk to her.
  3. No I already have it. I just applied under spouse sponsorship for PR.
  4. Thank you
  5. Application mailed on: May 19
    Application received by cic: May 28
    AOR: June 7th

    The email stated that they started processing the file on June 6th.
  6. wow you got the AOR so fast lucky you!
  7. Thanks. I’m surprised as well. But haven’t heard anything back after that. Not sure how long it takes to hear back on the next update.
  8. Hi all

    inland spouse applicaion + OWP

    application sent - 5/31
    application returened for missing PCC -6/20
    application resubmitted -6/21
    waiting for AOR
  9. What is PCC?
  10. police check certificate
  11. Anyone have gotten any AOR for June applicants?
  12. Thank you Grace for your update!

    A few questions:
    1. Did you submit the letter they sent with what is missing?
    2. Did you check the old forms before you submit the documents again?
    3. If you did check the package again, did you update all of the forms or just update if they changed?

    Thank you!

    Does anybody has experience with getting the papers back and how are you suppose to resubmit the application?

  13. I experienced the same. I applied in March 2019 and my application was returned due to a missing signature. My file was returned in May 2019. I resubmitted in late May and prior to submitting I had to change all the forms as there were many updates to the existing forms. This was recommended by one of my friend, who has a lot experience with immigration files.

    I would recommend to do the same to reduce any further delays. I have no information on if the immigration sends your file back if the forms aren’t updated. I think this might not be the case as they don’t process the files in sequence and I’m sure they might not have a track if the forms were most current when they received that particular file.
  14. Hi,

    Timeline for my spouse sponsorship inland,

    App submitted: June 1st
    App Received : June 3rd
    AOR : July 6th

    Good luck guys
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  15. 1.yes they said the reason of the docs returning if missing PCC. however I also found some missing signs that they didnt mention. if anyone who got their application returned, i recommend you go over all application again although CIC does not mention it as a reasin to return.

    2,3. Yes. my case was terrible. because many forms were updated from June while my application kit was printed in May, I had to print some forms again to make sure I am using the latest format.

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