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*JUNE 2019* INLAND Spousal Sponsorship

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by juliakristof, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Well I did put my information I think , if everything goes like the others from June I should receive the AOR this week or next week :(
  2. Hey All,
    Inland spousal app + OWP received June 7
    AOR July 11
    Fingers crossed!!!
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  3. Wow all are getting them in 35 to 38 days the June Inland, I hope I get it this week as well.
  4. I hope so too. Best of luck!
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  5. If you do not receive your OWP by august then you might probably want to apply for an extension of visitor status (before September 6th).
    Your file wont the returned because your visa has expired. It might be returned if there are missing documents/signature/payment.
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    PR + OWP Application Sent: June 1
    Received: June 5
    AOR: July 11

    Has anyone been able to link their OWP app yet?
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  7. I can understand the stress part! It took my partner and I roughly 2 months to get it all sorted. We didn't go through a lawyer but did have a free consultation over the phone with an immigration specialist who helped us a little. Goodluck and I hope the stress ceases soon.
  8. I have tried but nothing yet. I will be trying again in a couple days.
  9. Application sent: June 3
    Application received: June 10
    AOR: July 16

    Sooo happy to finally hear back! :)
  10. Please everyone write your AOR in the spreadsheet, I should get the AOR this week, mine was received the 14 of June.
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  11. Application Sent: June 25th via Canada Post
    Application Received: June 27th
    AOR: Waiting.
  12. Just wondering, does the processing time varies depending on inland or outland application? And are most inland applications will be finishing processing within 12 months? or maybe quicker? I have noticed a lot of updated entry indicating that some of the January inland applicants are already receiving their decisions, any ideas?
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  13. Hi to those having received AOR, do your accounts show background check as "we are processing..."? I thought that IRCC only starts BG check some months after AOR. Does it have any implications for early BG check?
  14. mine is showing" not applicable", I guess you are receiving early BG check.
  15. Hi,

    Application sent June 7th, 2019
    Received on June 10th, 2019
    AOR on July 16th, 2019
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