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july 2018, Citizen Application.

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by pardeep1328, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. Please update for me.
    Calgary applicant , just received oath invite today 11 feb for mar 22. Sorry, didnt note my row no on the spreadsheet. Where can i find the link to the sheet pls
  2. My exam date was 17 dec. oath invite is for 22 mar recvd today
  3. I started feeling they are holding my invitation on purpose bcz I have asked for fast processing twice
  4. Congrats!!!
    Another applicant from Toronto got test invitation, good news:)
  5. I am happy for you but I find the system so unfair ,
    my application was received on 3 July 2018
    Aor : 28th August 2018
    Ip : 4th September 2018
    No test invite yet. (I m a Downtown Toronto Applicant)
  6. Line 32, turbine flyer
    Oath ceremony - 22 March 2019
    Home stretch, good luck to everyone else
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  7. From Calgary ?
  8. Updated, please provide location , number of applicant, physical presents days. Thanks
  9. Hi All,
    I received an email today requesting finger printing. I had successfully completed my test on 18th Jan, however, my interview was such I had to submit supplementary documentation for my past travels. That was received on 22nd Jan and thereafter there was no further update. So can I assume that this finger print request is a good thing in the sense that the assessing officer verified the additional documentation and this is simply a step forward?

    Please update for line 41 under July tab. Much appreciated!
  10. Hello everyone - just finished my test today and thought I would leave a note about my experience for anyone taking the test in Vancouver.

    My Location was the 877 Expo Boulevard office. My time on the notice was for 8:18 AM.

    Luckily, I live downtown so didn't have any issue getting there despite the snowstorm that we have been having. Took the Skytrain to Stadium and then it's a short 5-minute walk from there.

    I got there at 7:30 AM just to make sure I was on time. This was a waste, as the building does not open till 8 AM and there is no one to let you in before that time. There is a Starbucks around the back for anyone who, like me, does end up there early. I noticed other people with the discover Canada book at the Starbucks as well so it seems to be the spot to go to while waiting.

    Made my way back to the entrance at 8 AM to find a massive lineup, despite the snow. They opened the gates at 8 and let us in and we all took the elevator up to the 2nd floor.
    At the entrance, they divided us into two groups of people - those under 18 or above 54, who did not need to take the test proceeded directly to the interview room and the rest of us were shuffled into the test room where they checked our invite letter and our IDs.

    After everyone was checked in we were given the instructions and the tests. The test itself, at least my version, was very simple. If you have read the Discover Canada book you will easily pass the test. I finished up in 5 minutes, went up submitted the test and went to the interview room.

    The interview room is very small and has additional waiting areas around the sides. People seemed reluctant to go down the sides as it was far away from the interview stations, and despite being assured that someone would call out their number they crowded the area till a security guard had to force them to go sit down.

    My number as called after 10-15 mins of waiting. The interviewer was very nice and polite. He told me I got 20/20 on the test. After that, most of the time was spent reviewing the passport stamps. I had a couple of issues at this stage - 1) missed trip to the States in 2013 and 2) A stamp from EU from 2018 (after the application had been sent) looked like it was 2016 cause the stamp was faded. The 1st one he was not too concerned about - but the EU stamp he wanted to know why I had not mentioned - luckily I had the tickets from my trip in 2018 in my email to show him which lined up with the stamp dates and he reviewed the passport with his microscope and he was satisfied.

    After that - some generic questions about my job and we were done. He said I should expect the oath letter soon and when I asked what "soon" meant he said it could be anywhere from 2-3 months but is usually much quicker.

    Overall the whole process took around an hour from when we entered to when I left the building.

    Hope this helps anyone else taking the test in Vancouver :)
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  11. Yes. Application sent initially early July 2018, DM December 11
  12. Well, we have just received an invite by email to the test on March 12. Finally :)
    Good luck to everyone!

    P.S. There is actually no change yet in the Client Application Status.
  13. Hi Admins, please update my status

    d: zaidissh
    Location: Calgary
    App.Type: Family
    Physical Presence Days: 1,746days
    App Sent: July 2nd, 2018
    App Recd: July 5, 2018
    AOR: 11th Sept,2018
    In Process: 19th Sep'2018
    Physical Presence As an additional evidence questionnaire: Received Oct'2018
    Responded to Physical Presence As an additional evidence questionnaire on 2nd Feb'2019 - Package received by CIC on 6th Feb'2019
    Test Invite: 12th Feb'2019
    Test date: 28th Feb'2019
    Decision Made ECAS:
    Oath Letter:
    Oath Date:

  14. Congrats and good luck!!
    May I ask what was asked in PPQ and if you have an idea why they asked for that? I see you have more than 1700 days in Canada.. is that the random exercise they do?
  15. Just an update that my status online updated to show that they've requested finger printing from me on 12 Feb. Since I already received the email yesterday, I went to an RCMP certified agency this morning and just had the finger print documentation sent.

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