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july 2018, Citizen Application.

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by pardeep1328, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. i am creating this thread as i m going to apply for my citizendship on 3rd july.
  2. Same here. Will update my status here.
  3. Sent the application by mail today
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  5. I just sent my application. Will post new updates as they come.

    id: Avadava
    Location: Vancouver
    App.Type: Single
    Physical Presence Days: 1,238
    App Sent: July 2nd, 2018
    App Recd: Expected July 9, 2018
    In Process:
    Test Invite:
    Test date:
    Decision Made ECAS:
    Oath Letter:
    Oath Date:
  6. I m also going to apply in July month.l have a question for senior members that l m hear in Canada from the last three years and never go out of Canada except few hours in u s.but before these three years I m in my home country. Do I need a pcc from my home country.As I spend around a year in my home country
  7. Yes, you would need a police certificate from your country.
  8. Here is my info:

    ID: usiddiqi
    Location: Surrey
    App. Type: Single
    Physical Presence Days: 1098
    App. Sent: July 4, 2018
  9. Thanx for your prompt reply
  10. CIT 0002e has been updated in June 2018... just realized..
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  11. You're right. It's quite unfortunate, but nothing we can do now. I sent my application on July 2nd, but it's signed on June 25th. It could be that they either let it slide, or return it to me for updated forms. I might as well start filling out the new form and have it ready. I tend to believe they usually have a "grace" period in which they still accept an outdated form. But we will wait and see.
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    I think they updated it in June but have just uploaded on IRCC in july just like correspondence is mailed around two weeks after it was dated on :).. So I am pretty sure they will consider it...
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    Revised CIT 0002e form has been uploaded to IRCC exactly on 3rd July, 2018.. So you definitely won't be affected...
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  14. That's good to know! Thanks for the info.
    I took a look at the updated form and I must say it looks way better than the previous one. At least it explains when you need to fill out the residence outside of Canada form. They also added a line about marital status (which I think it's irrelevant for a citizenship application).
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  15. Hello
    I am Mike from Calgary. I sent my application om April 15, 2018 by REGULAR Mail. Please DO NOT send application by REGULAR Mail. After few phone calls to CIC I have just received my AOR on JULY 05, 2018.
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