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Job offer letter confirmation real or fake

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by hisam1994, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. It's fake until proven otherwise.

    How much are they asking you to pay for the visa?
  2. 20 thausand only
  3. Do not pay anything. It's a scam.
  4. Dear sir,
    I am Rinju Varkey, from India. I am writing this letter to inquire and seek guidance from you regarding a job offer which i received from Queens valley hospital, 201 11 Ave SE Calgary Alberta , Canada.

    On 4th June, I received an email from QVH HuskyE CA(huskyenergy@nate.com) stating that they have received a job application of mine via their empowerment Ad for India and to participate further in their recruitment scheme forward resume in to their HR team( hr@qvhospital.com). As per their instruction i have submitted my resume and educational qualification certificates in order to verify. yesterday I received a call from the respective hospital HR team as they said (phone number - +1 587-320-1693) and asked some questions. In addition, today I received a contract memorandum from the respective hospital( attached with this mail).

    I have discussed with my friends who are in Canada regarding this job offer and now I am confused whether it is fake or not. Kindly guide me to find out the credibility of this job offer.

    i am looking forward to hearing from you

    yours faithfully

    Rinju Varkey

    here i am attaching the contract which i received

    www.qvhospital.com copyright. 2019

    Tuesday, June 11, 2019

    Employer: Queensvalley Hospital Canada
    Employee: Rinju Varkey
    EMP REF NO: NA008047

    Whereas the Employer (Queensvalley Hospital) desires to obtain the benefit of
    the services of the Employee, and the Employee desires to render such services on the
    terms and conditions set forth.

    The Employer hereby engages with Employee, if employee agrees to undertake the
    position of STAFF NURSE in a professional manner. at the rate of $9,730 (Nine
    thousand, Seven Hundred and Thirty Canadian Dollars) (after all tax deductions) as
    monthly salary.
    The duration of the contract is Four years starting from the day of official report into Canada,
    the extension of the contract shall be mutually agreed upon between the Employer and the
    A. As full compensation for all services provided the employee shall be paid at the rate of
    the rate of $9,730 (Nine thousand, Seven Hundred and Thirty Canadian Dollars) (after all
    tax deductions). Such payments shall be subject to such normal statutory deductions by
    the Employer.
    B. (may wish to include bonus calculations or omit in order to exercise discretion). (C) The
    salary mentioned in above shall be review on an annual basis. (d) All reasonable expenses
    arising out of employment shall be reimbursed assuming same have been authorized prior
    to being incurred and with the provision of appropriate receipts.


    www.qvhospital.com copyright. 2019

    On resumption to work, the employee would be on a probation/training period of 3 weeks in other to get used to our ways better.
    The working hours shall not exceed six (6) to eight (8) hours a day and five(5) days per week.
    Annual Leave of thirty (30) days shall be granted the Employee having completed one year in office. His/her leave allowance shall be his/her basic salary with additional of thirty (30) percent of the monthly basic salary calculated pro-rata.
    If the Employee works more than the eight (8) normal working hours, the Employee shall be paid extra for overtime by the Employer at the rate of CAD $70 (Seventy Canadian Dollars) per hour (not less than the minimum rate set by the local Labor Law) which will be added to his/her monthly salary.
    If the Employee works on weekends or holidays, the Employee shall be paid overtime by the Employer at the rate of CAD $85 (Eighty-five Canadian Dollars) per hour (not less than the minimum rate set by the local Labor Law) and this shall be paid on a weekly basis.
    A. The Employer shall provide the Employee with a safe and hygienic accommodation free of charge during the term of contract.
    B. After three (3) months of probation, a car will be provided by the Employer to the Employee.
    In the event of the Employee’s illness or accident caused by work during the period of the contract, the Employer shall both provide all necessary medical treatment free of charge to the Employee.
    A. The Employee shall pay for the cost of visa for employment from his/her home country to prove his or her seriousness and commitment of working with our reputable organization, as soon as he/she resumes work in Canada, the Employer shall refund the expenses as he/she submits the expenses report to the management. The Employer will be responsible for Employee Air Ticket from his/her location to Canada after the company receives evidence of visa registration.
    www.qvhospital.com copyright. 2019
    B. The Employer shall also pay for the cost of the return travel to Employee whenever he/she intends to travel to his/her home country in all cases, except that the Employee is at fault or terminates the contract.
    A. The Employer shall be responsible for the total welfare of the employee’s family members and shall be responsible for the educational advancement of two members of the employee’s family.
    B. In the event of any health-related issues, the Employee’s family members shall be provided with basic health facilities at the company’s clinic/hospital.
    A. Where the Employer intends to terminate the contract, the Employer shall give one-month notice to the Employee, or pay one-month salary in lieu of giving notice, or otherwise act in conformity with the local Labor Law. The Employer shall pay for the cost of the travel of the Employee back to his/her home country.
    B. Where the Employee intends to terminate the contract, the Employee shall give one-month notice to the Employer and shall pay for his/her own expenses in the return travel back to his/her country.
    This Memorandum of Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Canadian Government.
    Please confirm your acceptance of the above terms and conditions in this Memorandum of Contract by signing and providing any required information where necessary. You are to submit back your signed copy, to confirm your agreement.
    www.qvhospital.com copyright. 2019

    I have read and understood the above terms & conditions of the Memorandum of Contract and hereby consent/undertake/agree that
     Throughout the duration of my employment I shall not divert any contract/business of the company to myself or any other person or company.
     I shall not engage while under the employment of the company in any business that conflicts company/business or any other rival or conflicting business with the company either alone or in collaboration with other person while I am still under the employment of the company.
     During the continuance of my employment with the company and for the period of my appointment I will not engage in any employment or divulge any information which came to my knowledge in the course of carrying out my duty or reveal any trade secret(s) to another company or person(s) who engage in rendering same services or production within the same locality with the company except with the written consent/permission of the company
  5. It's very obviously a scam.
  6. Furthermore on it being a scam. Go to the website, it borders on being ridiculous

    " Our range of advanced specialty services is comparable in quality and scope to those offered by university and urban-based hospitals, and our accreditation and outcomes ratings are as high as or higher than those of major Bay Area teaching hospitals"......Bay area teaching hospitals ???? San Francisco is the Bay Area, Calgary, not so much
    Also it states that it is a private hospital. There are no private hospitals in the Province, they are all run by Alberta Health

    I am from Calgary, and the only big body of water there, since it is landlocked, is the Glenmore Reservoir, there is no Bay, and there is no Queens-valley Hospital in the city. As well the unemployment rate is above the average in Canada. They would not be offering this position to a foreign national, there would be COUNTLESS people in Calgary ready to apply for it, if indeed it was real
  7. Furthermore, the job 'offer' wording is really really bad. They have tried to insert a bunch of fancy words together in a sentence that means nothing. Also the wages are beyond ridiculous.
  8. Hi,
    I got mail from info@sysco.work. I want to know this is fake/Real job?.
    Subject:- Letter of Offer
    Thank you for exploring career opportunities with SYSCO
    CORPORATION, We are pleased to make you an offer.
    This offer is based on your profile, You have been selected for the
    position of Data analyst. Your gross salary including all benefits will
    be $49200/- per annum, as per the terms and conditions set out herein.
    Kindly confirm your acceptance of this letter by contact your Indian
    After you accept this offer, you will be given a joining letter
    indicating the details of your joining and your Visa under 60 working
    days .

    Thanks & Regards
    21-Four seasons place, Suite 400,
    Toronto, Ontario M9B 6J8, Canada
    Email: info@sysco.work
    Contact: +16474959021
    Please suggest me this is REAL/FAKE JOB?
  9. Fake.
  10. There are programs introduced by the government of Canada which will not directly arrange jobs for you, but these programs will help you get a job, you need to make some efforts by your side. If someone guarantees a job, they probably will be selling something and you will find yourself out of money, and still unemployed. These type of job providing calls are 100% fake. You need to be careful with these types of calls.
  11. Yes its 100% a fake mail/ Spam
  12. Hello All,

    I am in urgent need of an expert opinion regarding Canada job offer.letterof received from sea international hotel as a front office executive Divya verma
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    Probably fake but you need to post more detail such as a copy the offer with personal details removed. You have not even stated where the hotel is located but if this is the website then definitely a scam given Calgary is landlocked and no where near the sea which is approx 1000km away.

  14. Hello All,

    I am ARUN CS from INDIA and I'm in urgent need of an expert opinion regarding Canada job offer.
    Can you please confirm whether it is Original or fake.

    I got the offer via Work document in E-Mail.

    Sam & Van Kolias Family Foundation

    908 Riverdale Avenue SW

    Calgary, Alberta, T2S 0Y6

    Wishes to inform the general public of the available vacancies in Sam & Van Kolias Family Foundation PLC Canada,

    Interested candidates who are ready to relocate to Canada for immediate employment & work permit visa. Do contact us for immediate employment, below is the vacancies in the company.

    Accountant* Cashier* Security* Administration* Customer

    House Keeping* Clerk* Office Assistant* Cleaners* Store Keeper* Messengers* Chef* Kitchen Manager* Driver* Receptionist* Gardener* Secretary* Computer Operator* Sales representative* Technician* Back Office and Front Office* office Attendant* Electrical engineer and maintenance* Mechanical engineer and maintenance* Safety Officer* Doctor* Nurse* Executives* Tour Guards* packaging officer* therefore Interested applicants should send his/her Update Resume via Email Below


    Please do not apply if you do not have a valid international passport!

    Type of Remuneration: Salary plus incentives

    Maximum Salary: $ 7,268.79 CAD per month

    Weekly Allowance: 250 CAD

    Job Type: Contract: 2 years

    Employment Status: Full Time

    Warm Regards

    Sam & Van Kolias Family Foundation
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  15. Hello,
    I am not an expert.......but can definitely say that this job offer is fake as you cannot get job in Canada unless and until you reside there or you are working in an MNC and they transfer you. So better beware of these kind of offer letters.

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