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Job offer letter confirmation real or fake

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by hisam1994, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. In the company website office address same as the given address.
    please check this website URL. because this website well build and also costly. so any fraud ants will not able to build this kind of website.

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    People who create these scam job offers simply clone a genuine company website which is not that difficult to do and this domain was only created on March 13 2019 a sure indication it is fake.

    It costs these people very little effort to clone a website, they change a few details but often leave some of the original site hoping someone does not notice.

    See here the template for the fake website which they just adjust as required.


    The address is valid for the CN Tower but there are no offices in the Tower just an observation deck which you can see photos of yourself if you search for CN Tower. To suggest there is a specific 43rd floor office is ridiculous and just assumes nobody will check the address out. The scammers could at least have picked an actual building with 43 plus floors.
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  3. You are being naive.. Web sites are easy to clone from other legitimate sites. We see it a lot. Of course they can set up a fake website.

    Example of two fakes.. Compare them for yourself.

    https://sectxon.com/index.html vs https://www.solustrid.com/
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    Gets better though with solustrid.com in that the template is for sale to create websites (note not necessarily for use in fake job scams or implying the supplier is involved) and also note in the fake sectxon site they left in a mention of the supplier of the template ‘Envato ’and pretty cheap template at 17 USD.

    Assuming of course the template website is even genuine, no reason to assume otherwise !.


  5. It’s a fake web site. They are very cheap and easy to build and we see this all of the time. Anyway it’s your money to throw away and you’ve been warned. Scammers also sometimes take your identity documents and commit fraud.
  6. Hi I got an offer letter from a recruiter gfsme saying Marche Eb a retail is doing mass recruitment . They also send me offer letter. They told to pay 75 euro for getting qes approved . Later they mentioned 125 since qes is not getting approved from April 12th n they need to send it by courier . Plz update me if it’s fake .
  7. More than likely a scam given you need to ask yourself why would a supermarket chain if even exists look to employ from outside Canada ? Maybe post the offer letter here with personal details removed so others can be warned .
  8. Your documents has been reviewed and we can confirm your eligibility to work with this company (MARCHE-EB).
    The salary is 30 Canadian dollar per hour and you can work for 36 hours in a week with an option of over time.
    The company will pay for your visa and flight ticket and also provide you free accommodation for the first six month in Canada.
    Contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in the job, so as to contact the employer to start processing your employment offer letter and preparing your contract papers.
    jobs@gfsme.org & bob.smith@marche-eb.com
  9. Their number is as given below . How wil I know if it’s fake?bcoz they sound so professional. And more over will ppl do mass recruitment without even interviewing . I was selected as technical support engineer

    Felix-+1 (581) 702-5922
    Smith-+1 (418) 579-4137
  11. Is it possible that u could call to check out . I tried calling them many times but the line isn’t clear as I am calling from gcc
  12. It's a scam. There's no need for anyone to call. Employers never pay for accommodations or flight tickets. Only scammers offer this.
  13. It’s a scam as nobody recruits without an interview and nobody pays for flights and accommodation. The scammers always sound professional that is how they convince people who think that a company would employ people from outside Canada when there are plenty of people already resident.
  14. It is not at all professional. Completely fake.
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