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JAN 2020 Intake -Seneca & Fanshawe

Discussion in 'International Students' started by vignesh93, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    has anyone applied for Jan 2020 intake in Seneca and Fanshawe? Got offer letter?

    please post your feedback here.

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  2. I have applied for both. Well fanshawe was done by the agent and I did the seneca one. I'll wait for a response just like you.
  3. Thanks. If you get any response from anyone please do share it:).

    What course you have applied? and the date???
  4. Of course
    I just don't know if I will. It'll be luck if get acceptance. I applied for biotechnology course. Although my agent says they might not give me the acceptance but that's the only one I can apply to. Fingers crossed.
  5. Why do they deny your application?

    What other courses you've opted for?
  6. Because the biotechnology one is a undergraduate course and I have a Bsc already
    But that was it.
    I opted for chemical lab technician and office administration in health services

    All undergraduate courses again. But they don't offer any kind of graduate certificate related to life sciences so its difficult.
    We'll see of luck plays out.
  7. Oh yes, I see.!

    Never worry. Why don't you choose PGD certificate course related to yours in any other colleges?
  8. I looked around not really available!
  9. I got an offer letter on july 4th from Seneca for the Business Analytics Graduate Certificate.
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  10. When had you applied?
  11. Yeap i have also applied for jan 2020 intake but not received offer letter yet and it might take 1 month more.
  12. When did you apply and for what course buddy? Which college?
  13. I had applied on 10th june, chemical laboratory technician, seneca. But still i havent received the acceptance...
  14. Usually, Seneca takes less than 2 weeks for most of my clients!

    Send them a follow-up email.
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  15. Try to stick with Seneca because Toronto has more part-time job opportunities as compared to the London area. Even though if you go to Fanshawe college, eventually you will move to Toronto or a bigger city for a job so why not go straight to Toronto.
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