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JAN 2020 Intake -Seneca & Fanshawe

Discussion in 'International Students' started by vignesh93, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. Bhai ... kisi ki ayi offer letter...
  2. I applied for IBM January 2020 around at the end of July, still awaiting a reply. Has anyone else applied for the same course and gotten their offer-letter ?
  3. Bhai offer letter ayi
  4. Finally I can see a positive status update.

    Admitted in Seneca for Business Analytics.

    Awaiting for offer letter now...:)
  5. I got a status change for admission for same course. Waiting for OL now.
  6. On which date did the file status changed .... any idea about it
  7. OMG!

    What a miracle!!

    I received Offer letter just now.
  8. Hi,

    Last Sunday I checked -no change and then today (Wednesday) I checked and saw positive update.
  9. yes, received on 21st august.
  10. Whats your present status? May I know your country of origin?
  11. hello guys. i applied for fanshawe in the second week of july. but havent recieved even a single mail from them. what must be the problem? any idea?
  12. I am from Dominican Republic.
  13. I ha
  14. Same bro I have also applied in fanshawe ion 6th july ....still didn’t received any response
  15. Hi,

    I have applied only for Fanshawe and Seneca and got offer from both finally.

    Fanshawe on 13th Sep and Seneca on 10th Sep'19.

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