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JAN 2020 Intake -Seneca & Fanshawe

Discussion in 'International Students' started by vignesh93, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. When did you applied
  2. On 16th JUL'19 for both.
  3. Still , I have not received any update from saneca college. Waiting from 18th july
  4. Only thing you need to do is, keep sending followup mails. Only then they might provide response. I mailed them more than 4 times. Then I got offer.
  5. I had applied for fanshwe college in july for jan 20 intake and got my offer letter on September 19
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  6. Dear fanshwe college is already closed for jan 20 intake
  7. Its not closed yet! They're still taking admissions cause I applied last week and got a reply from both Seneca and Fanshawe in less than a week.
  8. Hi. Has anyone got offer letter for jan 2020 office administration-health services. Ite been 3 months since i applied and the status of application is still under process. I am very worried
  9. Need ur email too
  10. My email.ogboguamaka67@gmail.com
  11. P
    Plz tell me if the college will give me offer letter or not. 7.5band and 76% medical 12th

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